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Grow Your Brand, Grow your business © 2011, Turf Brands | All Rights Reserved.

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1 Grow Your Brand, Grow your business © 2011, Turf Brands | All Rights Reserved

2 Why should you use TURFMarkers as opposed to other forms of marketing? Let us show you…. © 2011, Turf Brands | All Rights Reserved

3 The advantages of using TURFMarkers to market your business Advantages -Name Recognition -Quality -Cost -Brand Awareness -Labor Savings

4 The advantages of using our TURFMarkers Name Recognition -TURFBrands will help make your brand a more recognized name. When people think about pest control, we want then to think about your company, and recognize your logo and brand. -TURFMarkers are a great way for your company to create name recognition.

5 Another Advantage The quality of our product TURFBrands offers a much higher quality product than any of our competition. - No one in our industry offers a product as sturdy and durable as TURFBrands. Our TURFMarkers are strong enough to stand up against the suns rays, heavy rains, and even snow.

6 Another Advantage Cost - When looking at the big picture of what our TurfMarkers will do for your business, the cost of our TurfMarkers are very small compared to the results they will yield. Please refer to the data in the charts in the later slides to see the results Plant It Earth received after introducing our custom TURFMarkers to their advertising tools. - When comparing TURFMarkers to other forms of conventional advertising, the cost of TURFMarkers is much less and has by far produced the most sales for our business.

7 Another Advantage Brand Awareness -We want to make your brand the first thing potential clients think about when they are looking for a pest control company. By using this marketing tool, your brand will be seen by everyone who drives by. Your company will have their own “mini-billboards”.

8 Another Advantage Labor Savings - Our TURFMarkers will be placed by your current technicians. This means your company will have no extra costs incurred when using these powerful marketing tools.
















24 What kind of results does this form of marketing yield? We have used Plant It Earths month to month marketing results from the year 2010 to in the form of a series of graphs to show you the results they saw from each form of marketing. - The charts in the pages to follow are the actual results of Plant It Earth’s month to month leads, and how they were generated. -We compared the results of these 5 forms of advertising in the charts on the pages to follow: -Turf Markers -Truck Sales -Web / Email -Miscellaneous Advertising -Flyers

25 Quarter 1 - 2010

26 Quarter 2 - 2010

27 Quarter 3 – 2010

28 Quarter 4 - 2010

29 Quarter 1 – 2011

30 Plant It Earth Yearly Sales Revenue Plant It Earth began using the custom TURFMarkers in November 2009. Plant It Earths sales numbers are shown above in the bar graph. 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011

31 Finalization We want to thank you for taking a moment to review our package, and see for yourself the results that have made Plant It Earth a success. Plant It Earth attributes most of their success to our custom TURFMarkers. Turf Brands 1.888.539.2820

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