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Talking about Sexuality with children age 10 and under.

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1 Talking about Sexuality with children age 10 and under

2 Learning Objectives To understand the role of parents as primary educators for sexuality in the family. To develop skills for open and trusting parent/child communication of sexuality within the value of moral convictions of the family. To understand sexuality as a natural part of being human.

3 Some background Adolescent pregnancy rate still high (but has dropped in recent years) Adolescent birth control One million teenagers become pregnant each year.

4 Some background Sexually transmitted diseases is highest among the adolescents Most adolescent intercourse takes place in the home. Pregnant before age 20

5 From the beginning Age 0-4 Age 5-8 Age 9-12

6 Age 5-8 Play out different sex roles. Be very curious Have strong same-sex friendships. Show strong interest in male/female roles that are often stereotyped Children at this age may:

7 Age 5-8 Have a basic sexual orientation by this time. Have a new awareness of authority figures Compare their own situations with those of peers Begin to conform with peer group style of dress and speech. Engage in name-calling and teasing.

8 Age 9-12 Enter puberty Become more modest Experience emotional swings Develop romantic crushes Attach importance to same sex friends. Children at this age:

9 Age 9-12 Feel awkward Are strongly influenced by peer groups Learn society's expectations Experiment with sexual language and fantasies. Face decisions about sex and drugs.

10 Activities & Discussion

11 Summary Talking to Your Child About Sex, Mary S. Caderone and James Ramey Talk Sex (Answers to Questions You Can't Ask Your Parents), Sue Johnson What's Happening to My Body? Book for Girls, OR What's Happening to My Body? Book for Boys, Lynda Madaras Life Blood - A New Image for Menstruation, Margaret Sheffield Almost Grown Up - A Frank and Funny Guide to Puberty, Claire Patterson and Lindsay Quilter Period, JoAnn Gardner-Loulan, Bonnie Lopez, and Marcia Quackenbush Talking With Your Child About SexA guide for Parents, Channing L. Bete Co., Inc. Talking with Children about Sex

12 Summary The Bare Naked Book, Kathy Stinson Outside-In, Clare Smallman and Edwina Riddell Did the Sun Shine Before You Were Born?, Sol & Judith Gordon Does AIDS Hurt? Educating Young Children About AIDS, M. Quackenbush and S. Villarreal Girls Are Girls and Boys are Boys, Sol Gordon Books For Children:

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