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Hackney’s Lettings Policy and Recent Changes John Isted.

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1 Hackney’s Lettings Policy and Recent Changes John Isted

2 Background Existing lettings policy in place since 2002 Banding system but point based CBL introduced September 2006 Applies equally to social tenants and non-tenants Council and HA properties both included Affordable rents and fixed term tenancies introduced in 2011

3 Emergency Band Emergency band (250+ points) emergency hospital discharge cases, unable to accept temporary housing; fire and flood in Council homes; emergency re-housing for police witnesses under threat. Ombudsman/legal cases

4 Urgent Band Urgent band (100 – 240 points) Severely overcrowded households - needing two or more extra bedrooms; urgent health needs – ‘A’ Medical; urgent domestic violence or serious harassment – ‘A’ Social; Council tenants moving to smaller homes; Council interest tenants being moved to allow for redevelopment or disrepair; Tenants giving up adapted home

5 Priority & Homeless Bands Priority (non homeless)/Homeless Band (40 – 90 points) people leaving care or supported housing; households accepted under mobility schemes; carer/special needs awards statutory homeless households.

6 General & Reserve Bands General Band (10 – 30 points) people with less urgent health needs – B Medical; agreed ‘non priority homeless’ households – ‘B’ Insecurity; overcrowded households - needing one extra bedroom; people suffering harassment but not life threatening – ‘B’ Social. Reserve Band (0 points) households with no significant housing need.

7 Key statistics Households on waiting list at 14/7/14 - 10,297 Emergency Band - 1 Urgent Band - 506 Homeless Band - 1,490 Priority Band - 54 General Band - 3,091 Reserve Band - 5,155

8 Bedroom need 1 bedroom - 4,701 2 bedrooms - 3,179 3 bedrooms - 1,863 4 bedrooms - 240 Over 4 bedrooms - 65 Not yet assessed - 249

9 Bedroom standard same sex children are expected to share unless there is an age gap of 20 years opposite sex children are expected to share until the eldest child reaches 8 years 21 years and over are entitled to their own bedroom, but will only be awarded priority if they make their own application. The household will not received additional priority. unborn children will not be counted towards bedroom assessment until after they are born

10 Choice Based Lettings (CBL) Can bid by internet, mobile, phone line, text, assisted bid or kiosk Relets, new build, adapted homes and retirement housing included One bid per week and penalties introduced in 2012 Bidding feedback and bidding history accessible to customers

11 2013 Policy Changes Statutory succession rights protected for under occupiers and estate regeneration Additional priority for Armed Forces 3 year residential qualification from 24 June 2013  not retrospective  key exclusions e.g. social tenants, Hackney TA placements out of borough

12 2014 Changes Approved by Cabinet 27 January 2014 Implementation date 1 April 2014 New lettings policy placed online No longer “How We Let Our Homes” Monitoring of impact essential Not retrospective but subject to review

13 New exclusions Reserve Band: No assessed housing need Owner occupiers Squatters/unauthorised occupiers ASB/Criminal activity Intentionally homeless Fraudulent applicants Tenants failing to maintain home

14 Reduced priority cases Replaces existing categories People deemed to have worsened their circumstances including;  selling/giving up interest in property  renting home too small for household  giving up job with tied accommodation  refusing reasonable offer of property

15 Homeless discharge policy paper approved Local Lettings Agency set up separate private sector waiting list initial applicants to be prioritised include;  those failing to bid realistically  those failing 3 year residence test  those without children in education  those without employment

16 Discretionary succession restricts circumstances in which will be awarded all decisions made by Council (BHN) only awarded to adult children who lived continuously for 10 years with parent prior to death or carers who gave up social housing must downsize where home too large

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