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Finding your way in Home Cooking 8 Countries – 8 Cuisines.

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1 Finding your way in Home Cooking 8 Countries – 8 Cuisines

2 Australian Lamb Chops Ingredients: 1.Salt 2.Pepper 3.Vegetables 4.Juicy lamb Australia

3 Where to find it? Lamb: Slagerij Leo van Vliet (Oude Kerkstraat 9-A, 2611 HT Delft, Netherlands) Vegetables and basic ingredients: Albert Heijn, C1000 or Thursday/Saturday Markets near Beestenmarkt

4 Korean Kimchi Stew Ingredients : 1.Kimchi 2.Tofu 3.Sausage 4.Onion 5.Zucchini 6.Ramen South Korea

5 Supermarkets... Kimchi, Tofu – Inter-Burgo Netherlands B.V. (Vareseweg 1, Rotterdam) Sausage – IKEA Onion, Zucchini – C1000 Ramen – XENOS Where to find it?

6 Yuxiang rousi Ingredients: 1.Pork 2.Ginger 3.Lily Magnolia 4.Mushroom 5.Soy sauce China

7 Ginger: Bahar Supermarkt: Papsouselaan 208 (A) Fungus, doubanjiang, soy sauce: Oriental Supermarket: Kleveringweg 59(B) Where to find it?

8 Marmitako Ingredients : 1.Tuna 2.Potato 3.Green peppers 4.Onion 5.Garlic 6.Virgin olive oil 7.Salt Spain

9 Tuna: Saturday’s market Burgwal-Barbantse Turfmarkt The rest of ingredients can be found in any supermarket: C1000, Albert Heim, etc.. Where to find it?

10 Ingredients: 1.Tortillas 2.Chicken 3.Onion 4.Salsa 5.Tomatoes 6.Cream 7.Cheese 8.Oil 9.Salt Enchiladas Mexico

11 Tortillas, Salsa: C1000 - Centrum, Delft Chicken and more ingredients: Street market or your favorite traditional market. Where to find it?

12 Rice Pulao Ingredients: 1.Basmati Rice 2.Onions 3. Potatoes 4. Cooking Oil 5. Red Chilli 6. Turmeric Powder 7. Soyabean 8. Salt. India

13 All the ingredients: Aldi Supermarket (Papsouwselaan 1, 2624 AE Delft) Bahar Food B.V (Papsouwselaan 208, 2624 EG Delft) C1000 (Centrum, Delft ) Where to find it?

14 MOUSSAKAS Ingredients: 1.Veal 2.Eggplant 3.Milk 4.Cheese 5.Eggs 6.Corn flour 7.Pepper 8.Salt 9. Oil Greece

15 Veal & eggplant: Zuidpoort, Albert heijn Super market Rest of the ingredients can be found in the same supermarkets Where to find it?

16 Sarmale cu mamaliguta Ingredients: 1.Pickled cabbage 2.Onion 3.Rice 4.Meat 5.Salt 6.Pepper 7.Eggs 8.Corn flour 9.Peppers 10.Bacon Roumania

17 Pickled cabbage : Saturday’s Market or Thursday’s market Other ingredients: almost any other supermarket Where to find it?

18 Smakelijk Eten!!!

19 Paradijspoort 7, 2611 MA Delft, Netherlands

20 Thank You Feel free to come ask us for locations

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