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Looks like its time we grew up NEON – THE YOUNG MAGAZINE FROM THE stern FAMILY.

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1 Looks like its time we grew up NEON – THE YOUNG MAGAZINE FROM THE stern FAMILY

2 Seite 2 NEON – the young magazine from stern NEON is the young magazine for men and women aged between 20 and 35. NEON is emotional and clever. Cheeky, but serious and believable. NEON is for people who have become an adult, but still feel too young to be one.

3 Seite 3 Wilde Welt (Wild World) – Opener: Fun and entertaining editorial tidbits Sehen (Vision) – Politics and society Fühlen (Emotions) – Love, sex, psycho, friendship Wissen (Knowing) – Every Day, Studies and Job, Health and Body Kaufen (Buying) – Fashion, Gadgets and Products, Travel Freie Zeit (Leisure) – Film, Music, Literature, Computers, Internet An innovative issue structure

4 Market Research: The Numbers & Fashion in NEON: A Major Topic for the Target Group Market Research: The Numbers & Fashion in NEON: A Major Topic for the Target Group

5 Seite 5 Aiming at both men and women has been a success! Source: NEON purchaser survey 2004; figures in per cent Women Men Mean age: 27 years The purchasers are mostly aged around years years years years years Many NEON purchasers enjoy a rather high income 3,000 and more 2, ,000 1, ,000 Under 1, University A-Levels O-Levels Apprenticeship Statutory Minimum NEON purchasers arent only young and comfortably off – theyre clever as well! 500,000 residents and more 100, ,000 residents 20, ,000 residents 5, ,000 residents Under 5,000 residents Two of three NEON purchasers live in large cities

6 Seite 6 Corinna Teresa Brix, 27, studied fashion design at the ESMOD in Munich and Paris, and from 1999 worked as a fashion designer in Germany and Hong Kong. Assisted on projects for Trace Magazin and Amica Italia, among others. Since August 2003 has been in charge of the fashion department at NEON. Fashion in NEON: New every month! Fashion in NEON: Presented without fail in every monthly issue! In the Fashion section in every issue, NEON presents a major fashion spread. Some examples are shown on the following pages.

7 Seite 7 High spirits at the start of the European Football Cup: La Ola – a fashion spread as wave of enthusiasm Adidas Calvin Klein Jeans Sisley Nike Fornarina Diesel Miu

8 Seite 8 Fit in the Spring: Sportswear for working out and hanging around Quiksilver Schmid Fila H&M Adidas GAP Puma

9 Fashion Ads

10 Seite 10

11 Seite 11

12 Facts and Figures

13 Seite 13 Facts & Figures Frequency: monthly with one double issue (July/August) Print circulation: copies Average sold circulation: ca copies Copy Price:2,50 Euro Trim size:212 x 287 mm Printing process:Offset Cover:Offset Binding:Perfect bound Paper:65g Cover:200g

14 Seite 14 Issue No.On Sale DateAd ClosingNEON Plus* 12/ Gifts 01/ / / Travel 04/ Fashion 05/ Cosmetics 06/ / / / Fashion 10/ / Home Entertainment 12/ Gifts 01/ *) NEON "Plus" are special editorial features focusing on a single subject. The features are announced in advance to ensure long-term media planning reliability.

15 Seite 15 Your NEON contacts InternationalPublisher U.S.A. East Coast Rob Walker Huson International Media 350 Fifth Ave., Suite 2719 New York, N.Y Phone (+1-212) Fax (+1-212) Further representatives in Asia (excl. Japan & Korea) Australia, New Zealand Canada Denmark, Norway Greece, Cyprus Hungary Japan Portugal, Brazil South Africa South Korea India Spain Sweden, Finland Turkey USA West Coast France Yves Swartenbroekx Gruner+Jahr International Services Marketing et Media S.à.r.l. 21, avenue Kléber Paris Phone (+33-1) Fax (+33-1) Italy (excl. South Tyrol) Dr. Daniele Blei Blei S.p.A. Via degli Arcimboldi, Milano Phone (+39-02) Fax (+39-02) Switzerland Hans H. Otto Gruner+Jahr (Schweiz) AG Zeltweg Zürich Phone (+41-44) Fax (+41-44) United Kingdom, Ireland David Hardy Gruner+Jahr Limited Silver House, 31 Beak Street London W1F 9SX United Kingdom Phone (+44-20) Fax (+44-20) Austria and South Tyrol Erwin W. Luthwig Gruner + Jahr Verlagsges. mbH Parkring 12, 1010 Wien Phone (+43-1) Fax (+43-1) Belgium, Luxembourg, Netherlands Ann de Munster Av. du Gén. de Gaullelaan Bruxelles/Brussel Phone (+32-2) Fax (+32-2) Gruner + Jahr AG & Co KG Druck- und Verlagshaus Hamburg Postal Address: Hamburg Germany Visitors: Am Baumwall Hamburg stern Advertisement Dept. Gruner + Jahr AG & Co KG Hamburg International Ad Sales Managers: Stefanie Meierfrankenfeld/ John Ritchhart Tel. (+40) /-44 Fax (+40)

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