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Gmail Password Recovery Process

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1 Gmail Password Recovery Process
Find Gmail technical support for Gmail password recovery, recover Gmail password, reset Gmail password, change Gmail password, update Gmail password, Gmail account setting, recovery hacked Gmail account, recover forgot Gmail password

2 Are you searching Gmail Password Recovery process don’t worry find here complete process to recover Gmail password with the help of Gmail technical support team. You need to follow simple steps to reset, recover, change Gmail password. Today we all are using many id’s to done different kinds of work and using different password so it’s possible that forgotten Gmail account password but don’t worry Google providing many options to recover Gmail password if you have registered your phone number or alternate address with your account, Google can easily reset your password if don’t have both of alternates then Google attempt to verify your identity and recover your account quickly.

3 Follow these method and retrieve Gmail account password:
Method 1 of 2: First Using the Account Recovery Page If you have forgotten your Gmail password and you have a phone number or alternate address associated with your account. Google can send you a link to a password reset page. If you don't have either of these associated with your account, see the next method. Visit to start the process. Alternatively, load the Gmail page and click the "Need help?" link underneath the login box.

4 2. Select "I don't know my password“ option
2. Select "I don't know my password“ option .  Now you need to enter the Google account address that you are trying to recover. If you can't remember your username, select that option instead. Click the "Continue" button.

5 3. Click "I don't know" or enter your last known password
3. Click "I don't know" or enter your last known password. Entering your last known password can help the recovery process, but isn't required to retrieve your account.

6 4. Now Choose your recovery option
4. Now Choose your recovery option. You can either have your recovery details sent to your alternate address or to your mobile phone. You will need to have set these for your account in order to be able to use them. If you choose to receive recovery information sent to your phone, you can either receive it via automated call or SMS. If you don't have recovery information associated with your account, you will be taken to the account retrieval survey.

7 5. Enter your verification information
5. Enter your verification information. If you selected to receive a verification code over the phone, you will be prompted to enter it. If you had a recovery sent to your alternate account, click the link in the you receive.

8 6 Create a new password. After entering the code or clicking the link, you will be prompted to create a new Google password. Enter it in twice to confirm it. Click the "Reset Password" button to continue. See this guide for creating a strong, but memorable password. For more tutorials or support Call Visit:

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