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Dr A V Lee & Partners Practice Patient Survey 2013 Created by Angela Gelder

Q1. Generally, how easy is it to get through to someone at the surgery on the phone? Q2. Which of the following methods would you prefer to use to book appointments? Q3. In the reception area, how concerned are you that other patients may hear your conversation with the receptionist? Q4. How helpful do you find the receptionists?

3 OPENING HOURS Q5. Are the surgery opening times convenient for you?
Q6. Which of the following additional opening times would make it easier for you?

4 MAKING AN APPOINTMENT Q7. How convenient was the appointment you were able to get? Q8. If you weren’t able to get an appointment or the appointment you were offered wasn’t convenient, why was that? Q9. What did you do on that occasion? Q10. Overall, how would you describe your experience of making an appointment?

5 OVERALL EXPERIENCE Q11. Overall, how would you describe your experience of your GP surgery? Q12. Would you recommend your GP surgery to anyone else?


7 Number of patients who have completed the Survey is 90
FURTHER COMMENTS Number of patients who have completed the Survey is 90 APPOINTMENTS Too long waiting to be seen by a doctor when you have an appointment for a certain time. Sometimes very annoying when the doctor/nurse is running behind and you have somewhere else to go, I appreciate patients may need longer than others nut its very frustrating. Obviously this is a very busy surgery so I often find it hard to get an appointment and have to take time off work to attend. Frustrating when not able to book in advance when it is for routine appointments At times, it can take a week or more for an appointment, other than that all good. You do not get asked which doctor you would like to see you just get given an appointment. It would be easier to see the Pope than get an appointment with a doctor. The phone on the day is an absolute sham. Called in to the doctors on one occasion and told no appointments, left, only to phone from home within 10 minutes and got an appointment. The appointment system is ridiculous – it needs a complete overhaul! Please remember this surgery is run for the patients and not for the smooth running of the practice – note to manager. Had to wait 2 weeks for an appointment with the nurse Overall I have been happy with getting an appointment on the day I have phoned. Patients never seem to get in on time for their appointments.

8 OUR SURGERY Really nice staff, clean and tidy surgery. Have confidence in the doctors and staff and experiences are generally very good. The team has always been welcoming and helpful. The new seating arrangements in the waiting area is an improvement and the positioning of reception in a more accessible place rather than behind a window is a very positive move. The surgery is now very good. Modern and clean and good toilet facilities Been attending the surgery for approx 22 years and I have always been content with the service Automatic doors on entry to the practice would be very helpful for disabled patients The best surgery I’ve been registered with. I am very happy with my surgery and would recommend it to anyone. Quite happy with things as they are. I find the service I receive from the receptionists and doctors is first class. When one hears about problems at other practices I think how lucky we are. I am happy with the service I receive from the surgery As a regular patient for dressings I have always been quite satisfied with the service. The improvements have been very beneficial. Since the alteration and refurb I find the waiting area a clean and light area to sit. I would suggest some seating what is higher to sit on as I find the chairs to low for persons with back trouble to get up from.

9 OUR STAFF All receptionists are very, very helpful and help out where possible which is greatly appreciated. I find the staff are helpful but they have obvious constraints in being able to make appointments to suit my needs. Receptionists very helpful and will try to accommodate requests Some of the reception team could be nicer The receptionists are very helpful and friendly and the doctors listen really well to your problems and don’t rush. Very helpful receptionists – will always try and accommodate your needs. Staff always helpful when we visit. The staff have always been very helpful and friendly, couldn’t wish for a better service. I think all the staff and doctors are brilliant, I could not wish for better. Friendly and professional staff on reception – always accommodating and understanding. I always find reception staff to be understanding and they do try and accommodate where possible overall I am very happy with the practice. OPENING TIMES Opening before and at weekends would be great as I work away sometimes impossible to get in to see someone. For full-time workers Saturday openings would be a good idea. I think it would be very useful to have either extended hours or opening on Saturdays. Would like more flexible opening hours (earlier). Lunchtime is sometimes the only available time to pick up a prescription. I would prefer out of hours appointments as I work full-time.


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