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School of Medical Science in Bialystok

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1 School of Medical Science in Bialystok
9 Krakowska Street

2 School of Medical Science in Bialystok established on 16 April 2003

3 School of Medical Science in Bialystok
'Our mission is to educate students in compliance with European standards and enable them to meet current labour market needs. I am very proud of our graduates, who according to their employers, make up highly qualified personnel in the field of cosmetology and medicine.' Mikołaj Tomulewicz Mikołaj Tomulewicz Founder and Chancellor

4 School Authorities RECTOR Zbigniew Puchalski, Professor, Ph.D DEAN
Ryszard Farbiszewski, Professor, Ph.D PRO-DEAN Robert Kranc, Ph.D

5 Offer Outline Undergraduate course - Biotechnology - Cosmetology
- Physiotherapy - Nursing - Medical Rescue Postgraduate course - Physiotherapy (soon in offer)

6 Offer Outline Post Diploma Courses - Health Care Manager
- Physiotherapy and Geriatric Care - Applied Cosmetology - Biological Renewal with Physiotherapy Essentials - Cosmetology in Medicine - Hair Stylization and Cosmetic Styling

7 Undergraduate Courses
Graduates of undergraduate course will be awarded a bachelor’s diploma. Undergraduate course on the faculty of Cosmetology, Biotechnology and Physiotherapy lasts 3 years (6 semesters) and on the aculty of Nursing 4 years (8 semesters). Students are provided with 15 weeks of practical workshops.

8 Biotechnology We are the first non-state School in Poland which awards Diploma in Biotechnology With the increasing demand for biotechnologists specializing in diagnostics as well as histological and pathomorphological examinations, graduates are bound to find attractive labour market opportunities. Diploma holders are prepared for individual development of their professional skills in respect of practice and theory, particularly in the scope of cosmetic biotechnology and laboratory techniques by use of updated IT knowledge as well as fluent and specialized English language.

9 Biotechnology During a course of study in School of Medical Science in Bialystok, students will acquire an extensive knowledge on tissue material taken from people for diagnostic purposes, or from animals for scientific experiments. After completion of a course, students will be able to: Diagnose cancers and non-cancer related diseases Monitor organ translpantations Qualify patients for after cancer treatment Experiment on animals

10 Biotechnology Practical and theoretical knowledge cover major subjects such as molecular biology, enzymatology, genetic engineering, immunology, cell and tissue cultures, biotechnology of microorganizms and plants, pharmaceutical and medical engineering, bioprocess engineering, equipment and biotechnological projects as well as techniques of molecular biology applied in biotechnology. Graduates are prepared to operate not only typical biotechnological equipment connected directly with the field of their studies, but also research and analytical equipment such as gas and liquid chromatographs and atomic-absorption spectrometers, ect.

11 Biotechnology Biotechnology student will learn not only the advanced techniques of molecular biology, but also how to support all variants of light microscopy, including confocal microscopy. They will learn the ins and outs of operating electron microscopes, and will have knowledge on how to handle cell cultures. Students will gain skills in the preparation of highly specialized techniques of tissue material for diagnostic purposes - research, including the technique of laser microdissection. Classes will be conducted in collaboration with the Academic Centre of Pathomorphological Diagnostics in Bialystok. This range of knowledge and practice is not offered by any of the Polish universities. After completion of the course, graduates will be awarded a bachelor’s diploma.

12 Cosmetology Our school has all it takes to give its students the complete tools and guidance needed for the greatest career. The educational aim of new fields of studies includes professional, practical and theoretical preparation comprising biological, chemical, pharmacological, medical, and technical issues as well as the business areas related to cosmetic industry such as economics, law and marketing.

13 Cosmetology Graduates of studies in the field of cosmetology will acquire skills necessary for beauty treatments and those which delay the aging process. Moreover, they will have extensive knowledge on health prevention and qualifications for proper planning and performance of health treatments. Bearing in mind co-responsibility for health and looks of their clients, graduates will act with special care, following the rules of professional ethic and legal regulations.

14 Cosmetology – job opportunities
Opportunity to work in: Wellness places Hairdresser’s and beauty salons Companies which produce and distribute hairdressing cosmetics and equipment Laboratories, centers which analyze and evaluate the quality of hairdressing and beauty products Different types of schools of hairdressing, cosmetology, as well as of medical - pharmaceutical profile

15 Physiotherapy Nowadays, an increased attention is paid to the disabled and people suffering from various injuries. Therefore, in order to prepare a student for a successful career in the area of neurobiology, the School provides thorough neuroscience education and enhances the quality of learning through an access to the clinical laboratory of neurophysiology . Students of Physiotherapy can expect friendly and supportive learning environment, lerning programmes underpinned by strong research works as well as mentoring of dedicated academics.

16 Physiotherapy The role of a physiotherapist is defined by various functions within which the graduate should apply theoretical knowledge and certain practical skills necessary to: Shape and maintain fitness and good physical condition of people, at any age, in order to prevent disability Restore fitness and good physical condition if they are lost or decreased due to various diseases or injuries and in the most difficult cases, shape the said features at the level optimal for such people Shape and maintain fitness and performance of the disabled so that they can take an active part in social life Sort out problems related to planning, performing and controlling the efficiency of the medical rehabilitation process Adjust own activities to the superior targets of rehabilitation

17 Physiotherapy -job opportunities
Universities, medical schools, physiotherapy colleges Public and non-public healthcare centres like: hospitals, specialised clinics, outpatient clinics, rehabilitation rooms, multi-speciality clinics and rehabilitation centres Educational institutions, e.g. school and inter-school corrective gymnastics centres, as well as education and rehabilitation centres Public and non-public centres with sports facilities for the disabled Employment enterprises and occupational therapy workshops Economy units and entities performing pro-health activity, e.g. Association for Promotion of Sport and Physical Activity, biological revitalization centres and rooms, massage rooms, manual therapy and rehabilitation rooms, fitness centres Sports centres, e.g. biological revitalization club rooms, sports medicine clinics and general sports centres Other centres depending on the type of supplementary occupational qualifications acquired by the graduate

18 Medical Rescue Medical rescue is a unique specialization as in many cases it decides about people’s lives. The primary goal is to train highly- qualified specialists who are proficient in ensuring best possible care and applying rescue procedures. The medical rescue programme comprises of six semesters and graduates are awarded a bachelor’s diploma.

19 Medical Rescue – job opportunities
With a completed undergraduate course in medical rescue , graduates will know how to plan and perform rescue activities in life threatening situations, implement public training on pre-medical rescue, co-operate within a rescue team and medical therapeutic team, organize work at their posts, solve problems occurring in difficult situations as well as to act according to the principles of work ethic. Graduates will be prepared to work at wards of rescue medicine in hospitals, emergency services, police and medical rescue units.

20 Nursing – job opportunities
With the curriculum focused on development of practical skills and profound theoretical background knowledge, we educate highly qualified nursing staff ready to work in healthcare institutions. Graduates are well- prepared to undertake clinical work and perform independent tasks within the range of nursing procedures in various healthcare centres. They ensure care to individuals, families, and communities so they may attain, maintain, or recover optimal health and quality of life.

21 Postgraduate course- Cosmetology
Graduates of postgraduate course will be awarded a master’s diploma with qualifications in the field of cosmetology.

22 Postgraduate Course of Cosmetology
Graduates of 2-year course at the faculty of Cosmetology obtain a master’s diploma and they are qualified to: Determine the type of cosmetic treatment and apply cosmetic products in accordance with recognition Perform cosmetic, body and beauty treatments considering indications and contradictions Read cosmetic recipes and determine their exact application Co-operate directly with dermatologists while handling skin lesions Run their own clinics, cosmetic parlours and health and fitness clubs Conduct analitical studies assessing physiochemical and usability properties of cosmetics Cooperate during the process of cosmetics’ registration, and with companies manufacturing cosmetic products Manage a team of cosmetologists and supervise cosmetic techniques as well cosmetic application

23 Postgraduate Course - Cosmetology
Holders of a master’s diploma will pursue a career in beauty parlours, biological renewal centres and SPAs. Moreover, with the strong foundations of economical and legal issues as well as marketing and management skills, they will be able to run their own businesses. Worldwide cosmetic companies, laboratories and centres for quality analysis of cosmetic products are all prospective workplaces for Cosmetology graduates.

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