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Ancient Roman Occupations

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1 Ancient Roman Occupations
By: Cole Bridges

2 Lowest of the Low Unlike the slaves later on in history, Roman slaves were not born into the terrible life, but were often forced to become a part of it if they were unable to obtain land or a shop of some kind. They often fought alongside plebeians in battle. These slaves did much of the work that there masters were responsible for but they had no interest in doing. The worst of these jobs included farm hands, stable boys, miners, and oar-rowers. Not all of these jobs were so bad though…

3 Not-so-bad slave occupations
Not all slaves were forced to complete acts of hard labor. Some of these were servants for the very wealthy, who did not need a slave of this kind. The wealthy people, or Patricians, often used their slaves as nannies or housecleaners. The servants would also be used for cooking, nursing, laundry-women, and tutors for children.

4 Occupations for Plebeians
Although Plebeians did not perform slave labor, the majority of their endeavors were not far from it. They also farmed and often worked in factories making weapons and blowing glass. In the later part of the Roman Republic, jobs such as butchers and bakers were taken up by the Plebeians. These people also had a representative that went to the Patricians to ask for anything the paupers of Rome needed. What Plebeians were used for the most, though, were fighting the battles of Rome. That’s why it’s so strange that the Plebeians didn’t rise against the Patricians. They had all of this military drive and they vastly outnumbered the Patricians, so it wouldn’t have been hard to overthrow them and claim all of the Roman Empire for themselves.

5 Occupations of patricians
Patricians really got the greater half of the stick. Their occupations included financial advisors for the military, leaders of the military, priests, writers, overseers of city maintenance, senators, judges, maintainers of the census, accountants, librarians, lawyers, merchants, artists, plumbers, poets, and tax collectors. Thank goodness we do not have this type of separation of people in our society.

6 All Hail the king! Jobs of the roman Emperor
The Roman Empire might have seemed to have rotated around their Emperor, but… okay, that’s completely true. The role of the emperor was very similar to that of the President of the United States. He could call council meetings at any time he deemed appropriate and he could veto laws the senate created. He could also punish citizens for any wrong- doning he thought they commited or pardon any individual. He had the ability to call religeos ceremonies into place and he was responsible for setting rules for the senate, overseeing their discussions, and knowing their agenda. The emperor was responsible for many more things such as appointing virgin vessels.

7 credits I received information from various websites including Ancient Roman jobs and Duckster’s website on the emperors of Ancient Rome.

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