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June 21, 2000Trigger Meeting 1 L1 SciFi Trigger (CTT/CPS/FPS) Commissioning System overview status of components (Fred's) plans for installation software.

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1 June 21, 2000Trigger Meeting 1 L1 SciFi Trigger (CTT/CPS/FPS) Commissioning System overview status of components (Fred's) plans for installation software needs commissioning Was ist der Mensch, daß er Pläne macht ! Brief des Lord Chandos an Francis Bacon, Hugo von Hofmannsthal

2 June 21, 2000Trigger Meeting 2 Overview SciFi & Preshower Trigger System Basic scheme: –Analog front-end –Mixer crate –Digital front-end w/ controller –Collector/Broadcaster system (octant/sextant/quadrant) –Trigger Term (singlet) board –(Muon) trigger manager Links: –Internal all LVDS –Serial copper (AMCC) for 80 sector links to muon –Serial fiber (g-link) to L2, L3

3 June 21, 2000Trigger Meeting 3 The Digital Board Digital Board daughtercards are application-dependent: –Axial trigger (DFE) –Collector ('octet') –Concentrator ('singlet') –Roman pot trigger DFE Daughtercard

4 June 21, 2000Trigger Meeting 4 L1 SciFi HW/FW status Hardware/firmware status: –common DFE/COL/BRC/TT motherboard: prototype working. –DFE daughtercard: prototype working. –special 'datapump' I/O board: working with DFE. –other daughtercards: firmware well advanced (except for STT broadcaster), but no hardware prototypes yet adapt firmware to DFE card for 'first chain' milestone ??? Probably not. –Crates, backplanes & power supplies: prototype working; only one DFE type crate needed for 'first chain' milestone. –Master clock interface: SCL-AFE-DFE this part of AFE still needs to be tested. –cables: SVX/Sequencer on hand (not needed for DFE-and-up chain). optical fibers on hand (L1-L3 and L1-L2 paths). LVDS: prototypes on hand; sufficient for 'first chain' test ? CTT-internal Hardware/firmware tests: for detailed description see notes by Fred; loopback tests with varying number of boards in loop; DFE-only test is implemented and running. Ja, mach nur einen Plan Sei nur ein grosses Licht! Und mach dann noch'nen zweiten Plan Gehn tun sie beide nicht Aus dem Lied von der Unzulaenglichkeit menschlichen Strebens, Dreigroschenoper, Bert Brecht

5 June 21, 2000Trigger Meeting 5 L1 SciFi Trigger Installation crates: as needed over the next few months: –Platform: 7 DFE, 1 Mixer, 1 MTM (PC03, PC04, PC19, PC20, PW02, PW03). –MCH: VRB crate; MTM L3 R/O crate power supplies: ditto; need to adapt some old muon PS. boards: as they become available; usefulness of adapting other firmware to run on DFE daughtercard just for August 1 milestone questionable. cables: bulk (long haul fiber optics, AFE-Sequencer) during next month, internal LVDS after crates are populated. Ein perfekter Plan, so perfekt, daß eine nichtige Komplikation genügte, um ihn platzen zu lassen. Wenn ein Reisender in einer Winternacht, Italo Calvino

6 June 21, 2000Trigger Meeting 6 L1 SciFi Trigger Software Und allen Plänen gegenüber begleitet mich die Frage: "Was soll der Unsinn?" Eine Frage, die überhaupt ganz und gar von mir Besitz zu nehmen droht. Theodor Fontane

7 June 21, 2000Trigger Meeting 7 L1 SciFi Trigger Commissioning I was in a warm bed, and suddenly I'm part of a plan. Shadows and Fog, Woody Allen Now until August: First Step(s): closed loops of various sizes; minimal needs beyond JTAG firmware download: datapump + PC control August: Minimal DØ-integrated solution for 'first chain' test: download and init DFE-type boards via JTAG; special firmware for DFE's to generate static trigger pattern; need working Muon TriggerManager - Framework communication we will share the existing MTM prototype with the Muon system. assuming that VRB software (download, control, R/O to buffer for Examine) can be 'borrowed' (adapted) from SciFi waveguide commissioning. Install production boards and enlarge system under test as boards become available. Mid-September: If sufficient (pre)production quantities of AFE's available: try to setup simple cosmic trigger ? Difficult without mixer crate. Probably SciFi cosmics for detector commissioning need to rely on Muon trigger. switch over to our own Trigger Manager crate. November: Cassette + AFE + Mixer systems complete: finish hookup, implement SciFi cosmic trigger with special DFE firmware.

8 June 21, 2000Trigger Meeting 8 L1 SciFi Trigger Integration Integration with Muon L1 and CTT L2: –cables: 80 Muon sector cables: could go in early (July ?); preferred after DFE are in place. CTT/CPS/FPS L2: optical fibers; to be installed soon. –protocols: are defined. –Test pattern generation: with special DFE firmware. –Test pattern verification: needs special software (Muon/L2) ? –Cosmic running: ditto Integration with Trigger Framework: –all upstream communication through Muon Trigger Manager ('plug and play' - Fred B.) –SCL interface through AFE. Integration into Readout to L3: –protocol/data patterns are specified. –VRB control: hopefully not so different from other readout tasks. –L3 unpacking: needs to be done. –Monitoring: needs to be written. "Ihr werdet schon sehen, wenn ihr im Leben steht, ohne Organisieren kommt ihr nicht weiter" Die gerettete Zunge, Elias Canetti

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