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GCT Software Jim Brooke GCT ESR, 7 th November 2006.

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1 GCT Software Jim Brooke GCT ESR, 7 th November 2006

2 Jim Brooke Test Software GCT Driver (Jim Brooke, Rob Frazier) Low-level functionality Common code for tests, debugging and final control Based on HAL Framework complete and tested Currently in use for Concentrator Card testing Including logging and error handling for standalone (test) use Documentation started Envisage minor additions during integration & commissioning Test scripts (Rob) Aim to encapsulate all stand-alone tests in python scripts Will eventually be accessible via Trigger Supervisor Work started with simple system setup scripts Tools in place to run a wide range of tests

3 Jim Brooke System Control GCT Controller (Rob) Integration with Run Control via Trigger Supervisor System setup & configuration etc. Use python test scripts as much as possible Working closely with TS group to produce first version To include system initialisation, DB access Aim to have this by end of 2006 Plan for 2007 Incorporate RCT/GT link test capabilities

4 Jim Brooke Emulator GCT Emulator (Jim, Alex Tapper, Greg Heath) GCT emulator available for several months Work started on GCT readout record unpacking code Work started on taking LUTs from DB Substantial effort devoted to debugging issues upstream Full calo emulator running in August But could not verify GCT output - garbage at input No tools available to validate ECAL/HCAL/RCT data (and no-one looking at it?) Alex added RCT, HCAL, ECAL plots to GCT DQM code Post-mortem HCAL introduced compressed TPG scales (without warning?) Linear conversion not implemented in RCT until this week Poor communication between L1 calo developers? Several issues remain (sudden drop in E t at HF, missing EM cands, ….)

5 Jim Brooke DQM First version of GCT DQM released in October Includes distribution and occupation plots of all GCT outputs Some temporary additions shown here

6 Jim Brooke Summary Core control software is finished Currently supporting hardware test program Trigger Supervisor integration started Emulator produced But still not tested with MC data DQM software already proving useful Aims for end of 2006 DB access, TS integration, readout, monitoring For electron trigger only 2007 Include jet trigger components Increase complexity of tests, automation etc. eg. Full validation of hardware against emulator

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