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How to Access an AOL Account with Outlook?

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1 How to Access an AOL Email Account with Outlook?

2 Many of us use Outlook to keep our schedule and maintain our to-do list, prepare our notes and manage accounts. How nice and convenient it would be if we can also use it to access our AOL accounts?

3 Continue…. Luckily, AOL offers IMAP access so the user can add it to their list of Outlook accounts easily and smoothly. Some of the settings are not really standard so, be attentive while creating an account.

4 How the access AOL Email Account with Outlook?
Below are the steps to set up an AOL account: Select Tools> Account Settings from Outlook menu. Then go to tab and click on New. Just make sure Microsoft Exchange, POP3, IMAP or HTTP is selected. Click Next.

5 Continue….. 4. Under Your name option, enter your full name. 5. Type your full AOL address under Address column. 6. Ensure that 'Manually configure server settings or additional server types' option is selected.

6 Continue….. 7. After clicking on Next, make sure Internet is selected. Again click Next. 8. In Account Type select IMAP. 9. In incoming mail server enter ''.

7 Continue….. 10. Under Outgoing mail servers (SMTP) enter ''. 11. Next option will be of User name, enter your AOL screen name as well as password. 12. Go to More Settings and click on Outgoing server tab.

8 Continue….. 13. Ensure that 'My outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication' is selected. 14. Go to advanced tab and enter '587' under Server port numbers for Outgoing server (SMTP). 15. Click OK and then Next. Select Finish and then Close.

9 The steps will be bit different if you are using Outlook 2002 and 2003
The steps will be bit different if you are using Outlook 2002 and There will be a slight difference in the steps.

10 Contact Hotmail Support Australia at 1-844-888-3870 for further assistance and guidance
The user can reach our professionals and technicians for any related query at Hotmail Technical Support Number Our technical expertise helps in resolving the issue, updates you with the product and provides technical assistance. The user can reach us anytime as we are available 24/7. The users can also connect with us via live chat with the experts or dropping us a mail stating their issue. Our toll-free number enables our presence all the time.

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