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Other o-ue stem changing verbs

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1 Other o-ue stem changing verbs
Almorzar -to eat lunch Aprobar-to approve Colgar- to hang up Contar- to count Costar- to cost Devolver- to return Encontrar- to find Envolver- to wrap Morder – to bite Morir- to die Volar- to fly Mostrar- to show Mover-to move Probar- to test, prove, sample, try on Recordar- to remember Resolver- to solve Rogar-to beg, pray Sonar-to sound, ring Soñar- to dream Tostar-to toast Volver- to return

2 O-UE Stem changing Practice
I sleep in my bed. She sleeps. I eat lunch. They count the money. The dog bites. We solve the problem. I find the money. 8. You move the chairs. 9. Marcela can swim. The book costs $10.

3 More E-IE verbs Acertar to guess,get right Cerrar- to close
Comenzar- to begin Empezar-to begin Encender- to light Entender- to understand Fregar- to scrub, wash Mentir- to lie Referir- to refer Sentir- to feel sorry, regret Temblar- to tremble Perder- to lose

4 E-IE Practice I close the door. You guess. He regrets a lot.
We want a dog. Do you understand? I think about spanish. I preferir purple.

5 More E to I Verbs Competir- to compete Despedir- to fire
Elegir- to elect Reir- to laugh Medir- to be long, measure Impedir- to impede Repetir- to repeat

6 E to I practice 18. He asks for help.
19. We elect the winner(ganador). 20. You fire the boy.

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