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Sustainability as University Guideline

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1 Sustainability as University Guideline
Responsibility, Motivation, Experience and Expectations at the University of Applied Sciences Zittau/Goerlitz

2 Outline The University of Applied Sciences Zittau/Goerlitz
Locations, Facts etc. From EMS to Sustainable Development EMS-Activities, University's Guideline etc. Comprehension of Sustainable Development Responsibility, Motivation etc. Experience and Expectations Case studies, Best practice etc. Wien, March 2006

3 The University of Applied Sciences Zittau/Goerlitz Location
1 Görlitz Zittau Wien, March 2006

4 Facts Faculties: Students (2005): 3.700 Employees: 405
Architecture and Infrastructure; Energy and Technical Systems; Information and Computer Sciences; Process Engineering; Mathematics/Natural Sciences ; Social Transformation Processes; Languages; Business and Management Students (2005): 3.700 Employees: Area: m² (Zittau) 5.711 m² (Goerlitz) R&D: ca. 4.2 Mio € p.a. (ca. 40 % environmental related) Wien, March 2006

5 Locations Zittau Goerlitz Engineering, Nat. Sci., Economics
IT, Social Sci. Wien, March 2006

6 From EMS to Sustainable Development Time schedule Environmental Management System
2 1996 Senate Desicion 1997 Working Group „EMS“ 1999 Validation and Registration according EMAS 1st EG 1836/93 (EMAS) - March 1999 2nd 761/2001 (EMAS II) - March 2002 External Supervisory Audit - March 2003 External Supervisory Audit - March 2004 3rd EG 761/ January 2005 External Supervisory Audit - March 2006 Wien, March 2006

7 Important goals: Operation Integration in Research and Education
Energy and Water Materials and Waste Information/Communication Education and Research Sustainable Development Operation Integration in Research and Education Wien, March 2006

8 Example: Education and Research
Diploma Course: Ecology and Environmental Protection (since 1994) Approx immatriculations p. a. (ca. 550 students so far) Ca. 70% successful graduations, approx. 80% find jobs Course: Fundamentals of Ecology & Environmental Protection Issues: Nuclear Waste Disposal - German and International Strategies, Re-cultivation of a strip-mine, Efficient Energy Use, Global Energy Supply & Climate Change, Water - the Source and Basis of Life, Introduction to Population Ecology and Ecosystems, Environmentally-Oriented Business Leadership, Environmental Management at the University Ecological Construction, Intro to German and European Environmental Law Sustainable Development - Concept and Strategies Wien, March 2006

9 University's Guideline
In early 2004, a development agreement was reached between Hochschule Zittau/Görlitz and the Saxony Ministry of Science and Arts until the year 2010 entitled: “Sustainable Development – University of Applied Sciences Zittau/Goerlitz in the 21st Century” Sciences: engineering and natural sciences social sciences business sciences Wien, March 2006

10 Comprehension to Sustainability
3 SD may have different meanings due to different regional situations and needs Institution of HE are particularly responsible to assist in both social and economic regional development processes Suitful tools may be IMS, networking and SME oriented R & D Best practice examples given by institutions of HE may help to stimulate regional growth and to counteract negative demography Wien, March 2006

11 Comprehension : The Zittau/Goerlitz Commitment to SD
Sustainable Development Core Competences (equivalent to Faculties) Best Practice Examples EMS (Neisse University, BUP) Network Research (External Funding) ? Energy Efficiency IMS Recycling Techn. Surface Chem. & Biotech Wien, March 2006

12 Experience and Expectations Networking
4 Network „Neisse University“ MSc „EHS & Risk Management“ Wien, March 2006

13 Experience and Expectations Networking
Network „Baltic University Programme“ Contribution to EM-module Integration of BUP-modules in regular courses Int. conference „Sustainable Chemistry and Biotechnology“ February, 2005 Development of a new master-level module jointly with TU Wroclaw (PL) and TU Liberec (CZ) on “Sustainable Chemistry and Biotechnology” Zittau SD seminar 2004 (Prof. Walter Leal Filho) Wien, March 2006

14 Experience and Expectations projects, studies, consulting
Energy Efficiency Potential and needs of action for a concept to increase energy efficiency in the Fed. State of Saxony Earth bound cooling of industrial process heat – concept and demonstration Earth bound cooling installation for demonstration and teaching Wien, March 2006

15 Experience and Expectations projects, studies, consulting
Management (EM, QM, IMS, ..) Regional industries, especially SME´s Public Authorities, e.g. district offices, ministries Environmental Technology Waste Management; RC-Techniques, e.g. Sort of plastics according to thermal properties Surface Chemistry and Biotechnology, e.g. Development of diffusion blocking and bio-compatible hard material surface coating to apply at the keyhole surgery Wien, March 2006

16 SUMMERY „Actions speak louder than words.“
Award as „Decade-Project“ Education in the range of the 3 sciences, R&D, continuing education, areas of expertise / specializations (EMS, Networking etc.) Regional distinctions, activities and possibilities, co-operations Constant touch to economy, politics and social players … „Actions speak louder than words.“ Wien, March 2006

17 Thanks for your attention.
Contact: Dipl.-Kff. Anke Zenker-Hoffmann ***************************** Scientific Assistant Faculty of Mathematics/Natural Sciences Universitys of Applied Sciences Zittau/Goerlitz (FH) Theodor-Körner-Allee Zittau, Germany phone: fax: Thanks for your attention. Questions and issues to be discussed Concepts of Sustainability in HE – as management tool for the organization or as integrative curricula concept - best practice vs. “common sense” SD? Educational networking an exchange boards (platforms) Role of SD in international accreditation and ranking Students activities (concepts for integration/ to warm up and motivate students for specific activities) Wien, March 2006

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