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Direct Object Pronouns: Me, Te, Nos

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1 Direct Object Pronouns: Me, Te, Nos

2 DOP: Me, Te, Nos You know that direct object pronouns replace direct object nouns. The Direct object pronouns lo, la, los, and las can refer to both objects and people.

3 DOP: Me, Te, Nos The pronouns me, te, nos, and os refer only to people. Here are all the direct object pronouns:

4 DOP: Me, Te, Nos Plural Singular nos us me me os you (inf.)
los them, you las them, you Singular me me te you (inf.) lo him, it you (f.) la her, it you (f.)

5 DOP: Me, Te, Nos Remember that in Spanish the subject and the verb ending tell who does the action and the direct object pronoun indicates who receives the action. ¿Me ayudas, por favor? Can you help me please?

6 DOP: Me, Te, Nos Direct object pronouns usually come right before the conjugated verb. When an infinitive follows a conjugated verb, the direct object pronoun can be placed before the first verb or attached to the infinitive.

7 DOP: Me, Te, Nos ¡No te entiendo! (Before the conjugated verb.)
Quieren llevarnos al centro. (Attached to the infinitive.)

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