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Indonesia. Content General Facts Ethnical Diversity Culture.

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1 Indonesia

2 Content General Facts Ethnical Diversity Culture

3 Our contact at the Embassy Gustaf Sirait (pronounce Si ra it) Cultural and information Attaché in Embassy of Indonesia Background: o French literature studies in Jakarta o Worked in Foreign Ministry of Indonesia

4 Republic of Indonesia Capital: Jakarta Population: 240 millions (est. 2009) o 4th most populated country o a lot of ethnic groups Official language: bahasa indonesia. Governement type: republic o 2 presidential elections, last one in 2009 Source: CIA Factbook

5 Economy Huge natural ressources oil, Natural Gas, tin, copper, gold Import: machinery and equipment, chemicals, fuels, foodstuffs. Industries: petroleum and natural gas, textiles, apparel, footwear, mining, cement, chemical fertilizers, plywood, rubber, food, tourism Agriculture: rice, cassava (tapioca), peanuts, rubber, cocoa, coffee, palm oil, copra; poultry, beef, pork, eggs

6 Economy GDP: US$ 408bn (2007) GDP per capita (2007) : 1 848 $ (3 455 $ in PPP) Unemployment: 9,7% (2008) Population below poverty line: 17,6% Principaux clients Principaux fournisseurs Exportations from France to Indonesia (2008) : 602 M Importations from Indonesia to France (2008) : 1,44 Md

7 Geographical location Main Islands Java, Sumatra Kalimantan (Bornéo) Sulawesi (Célèbes) Maluku (Moluques) Timor Irian Jaya or Papua Southeastern Asia, archipelago between the Indian Ocean and the Pacific Ocean o Around 17500 islands from which 3000 are inhabited 33 regions, very scattered and diversified

8 Climate Equatorial climate o Hot and wet The same temperature all the year: between 26°C and 30°C 2 "seasons": o rainy season (december -> february) o wet season (march -> november)

9 History Pre-colonial era V. century: Individual Island states. Maritime and trading population Gradual adoption of Islam between the XIII. and the XVI. Century Colonial era Dutch colony between 1602 and 1942 Japanese occupation (1942-1945) Armed conflict with Dutch between 1945 and 1949 Independent era Independence : 27 December 1949 Ruling of Sokano and Suharto until the promulgation of the republic in 1999 Tsunami Earthquake on December 26, 2004 160 000 dead on Aceh Borobudur: a UNESCO World Heritage Site Javanese housekeeper with a colon child.


11 Regions of indonesia 33 regions, very scattered and diversified

12 Ethnical groups More than 750 tribes and dialects Black, Arab, Asian, Indian,...

13 Languages

14 Tribes & Diversity Different ethnic groups: o Javanese, Batak, Chinese, Indians, Blacks... Several behaviors: o Middle-Javanese have a strong sense of politeness o East-Javanese are more informal, familiar No real tensions nowadays between tribes except for: o Enmity with powerful Chinese (solved recently) o Feeling of being set aside from Papuan people o Seeking of independence of Aceh Padang : Minang Kabao, matriarchal tribe even if muslim All the holy days are celebrated o A lot of social bonding at these occasions

15 Official language (slide à suprimer ou cacher par la suite) bahasa indonesia : variété de malais normalisée et officialisée élaborée à la manière de l'espéranto à partir des différents dialectes indonésiens associée à aucun groupe ethnique particulier Symbôle de l'unité nationale Le malais : langue officielle de trois États voisins: Singapour, le Brunei et la Malaisie influence des colonisations : malais indonésien (néerlandais), malais de Malaisie (anglais) écriture phonétique : alphabet arabe, puis latinisation dans les années soixante-dix

16 Religions Muslims (88%) o "Religion of Java Christians (8%) Buddhists or Hinduists (2%) Some regions with strong majority religion No separation between Church and State One of the five religions must be chosen and declared

17 Five Principles One God Justice Indonesian Unity Consensus Social Justice for all

18 Date : 26 décembre 2004 à 7h 58min 53s, heure locale Magnitude : 9,1 to 9,3 Regions : Sumatra, Indonesia, Indian Ocean (tsunami) Casualties: 216 000 to 232 000 dead 160 000 dead on Aceh Tsunami Earthquake on decembre 26, 2004

19 Spirit Take your time, think of the "elastic watch High respect to the superior and the older o even a young chief Always try to find consensus elegantly and politly o Never be too direct!! Avoid public disputes / humiliations Moderated Islam (no burqa) o be careful with clothes o Relation to alcohol Criticizing the politicians directly is not well thought-of o only their ideas not the person

20 Spirit Relative to Islam: o Clothes -> be covered o Avoid tenderness in public -> do not kiss to say hello! Hierarchy -> stay polite o respect prayer's time Westerner are called "Bule" (pronounce "Boulet") o Indonesian are usually very kind with Bule Atheism is not well thought-of

21 Trima Kassi! (Thank You!) Questions?

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