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Behavior based energy efficiency

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1 Behavior based energy efficiency
GridPocket Copyrights 2013

2 GridPocket Copyrights 2013
GridPocket SAS Specialist in energy efficiency data applications Created in 2009 at the Telecom ParisTech research center incubator in Sophia-Antipolis, France. R&D teams in Poland since 2011. Active member and contributor of major industrial institutions including CapEnergies, ETSI, CRE, Syntec Numérique, Telecom Valley Awards and honors - Green Digital Growth Awards – Research Award 2011 - CleanTech Open – Winner Start-ups 2012 - EDF Intelligent Energy – Award User Services 2012 - Japan External Trade Organization – Choice 2013 GridPocket Copyrights 2013

3 Energy value added services platform
Behavioral consumer engagement Energy search engine (Big Data) Semantic M2M (ETSI) Smart Meters Intelligent buildings Other data sources End Users Gratification New services Energy savings Utilities Increased customer profit CO2 reduction Customer retention $$$ M2M apps Manufacturers Embedded software Time to market GridPocket Copyrights 2013

4 International customers and partners
Utilities and operators Research Industry GridPocket Systems SA Poland, Gdansk GridPocket SAS (HQ) France, Sophia-Antipolis Institutional GridPocket Confidential 2013

5 Example projects of GridPocket
Home control system Embedded energy systems Renewable energy monitoring Electric car charging Energy BigData Analytics Behavioral metering applications GridPocket Confidential 2013

6 THANK YOU ! Email :
Phone : GridPocket Copyrights 2013

7 Problem with energy efficiency
50% of people find it difficult to read energy graphs ? 65% find financial incentives too low to be interested in efficiency $ 92% do not really understand underlying environmental challenges Sources : EDF PACA 2011, Health Literacy Inst. GridPocket Copyrights 2013

8 Original energy consumer segmentation (in cooperation with EDF)
Obsédés éco - éco Intérêt pour l’économie d’énergie Inhibés Familiaux Classiques Réfractaires Premiers adoptants Hédonistes Refractaire case double : soit technologique donc pas bon pour la planete Soit écolo et « arrêtez de m’embêter avec l’écologie » Solitaires désimpliqués : solitaire  tu « n’existe » plus au niveau du social Inhibés : ont un intérêt pour l’économie et l’énergie mais la technologie pose problème, Réfractaires : ne veulent pas de superflu Ceux qui ont peur de la technologie (pas forcément écolo) Ceux qui ne veulent pas de la technologie (souvent écolo) Désimpliqués Adaptation à la techno Early Adopters Early Majority Late Majority Laggards Innovators GridPocket Confidential

9 Behavioral energy applications
Challenge EcoTroks Feedback Share Cognitive stimulation Loyalty program Social network Advises Individual support Comparative stimulation GridPocket Copyrights 2013

10 EcoTroks engagement system
Personal computer WEB Tablets Mobile apps From : Grid-Teams To : You Subject : Congrats! You have won 1200 eco-troks last week. Letter / invoice* SMS Alert* GridPocket Copyrights 2013

11 GridPocket High Level Architecture
M2M Device & Gateway Domain M2M Network Domain GP M2M GW Applications GP M2M Network Applications GP_D-A interface (over IP) GP_M-A interface (over IP) GP M2M Gateway / Device GP M2M Platform Sensors & Actuators System specific interface GP_M-D Interface (over IP)

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