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Salesforce - Vocalcom CTI Adapter

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1 Salesforce - Vocalcom CTI Adapter
Salesforce - Vocalcom CTI Adapter 2011 AMIGOLOG SAS 10 rue de la Charité, LYON FRANCE Tél : Web : 1

2 Agenda The Salesforce / Vocalcom CTI Adapter Screenshots 09.01.09

3 Connecting to Hermès Agents connect from Salesforce by entering their Hermès ID and their phone extension.

4 Outbound calls All phone numbers can be dialed directly from Salesforce.

5 Inbound calls Information displayed during the call.

6 Inbound calls Screen pops are displayed as the agent hang up the call according to the call center parameters. If an account or contact was found, its details displayed automatically on the softphone layout, When no account or contact has been recongnized :

7 Inbound calls

8 Hold and retrieve

9 Call transfers All transfer possibilities

10 Conferences

11 Call results

12 Call logs

13 Contacts 09.01.09 13 Christian FRANIATTE Président
10 rue de la Charité 69002 Lyon Mobile : Mehdi DJERAD Sernior CRM Business Analyst Manager CRM & BI 10 rue de la Charité 69002 Lyon Mobile : 2 2 2 13 2 2

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