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Swets: statistics at a new level

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1 Swets: statistics at a new level
& Swets: statistics at a new level

2 Swets & A bit of history…
Scholarly Stats was developed by Macmillan Publishing Solutions (MPS) Taken over by Swets in 2007 Swets is the exclusive reseller today What is it? Scholarly collects and aggregates usage statistics from publisher databases into a single, uniform report It can communicate with over 60 databases It provides a clear and easy access to your usage statistics

3 Selection Support is a tool that combines the usage statistics collected by Scholarly Stats with price data about your subscriptions. You can then use Selection Support to create specific, customized reports, including the ability to calculate the price per use of a subscription. These reports will help you analyze your subscription budget and make better informed decisions for the future.

4 Let’s compare the two services…

5 What we’ve heard from you:
Situation Impact Customer have to download usage statistics per publisher Time-consuming to retrieve reports and consolidate usage statistics Usage statistics and price information per journal or database are separated Time consuming and difficult to match those decision parameters manually No industry standard available to calculate price per use for journals and databases Manual manipulation of data required to enable comparison No pre-populated solution to maintain usage and price information to create customized reports Difficult process to create reports to support informed collection decision

6 Product demonstration
Selection Support

7 What Selection Support means for you:
Benefits Value Pre-populated publication overview with journal holdings, price and usage information Automatic maintenance of all your Swets subscriptions and usage statistics Highly customizable with additional fields to categorize your journal publications such as subject, subscribed titles and a free text comment field Change information on screen or upload a CSV file for your convenience Upload additional journal publications and/or price and usage information Download a range of usage, price and/or price per use reports Increased efficiency Saves a significant amount of time to collect usage statistics and related subscription/ price information Informed collection decision Complete and customizable management information reports at hand Extended negotiation power Easy to compare journals and databases between competing publishers to negotiate better prices Getting more than an ERM software In combination with SwetsWise it becomes a pre-populated ERM solution

8 Selection Support is a success!

9 Merci à tous! Thanks a lot!

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