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India and its Music – Part I Ajay Ponkshe and Vinod Varma.

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1 India and its Music – Part I Ajay Ponkshe and Vinod Varma

2 Topics India – Story of ancient past and images India – Story of recent past and images India today India’s Music Types of Indian Music we know Origin of Indian Music Forms of Indian music Present day Indian music

3 India’s location India USA 7790 miles

4 India – A story of ancient past Also called Bharat Name India comes from river ‘Indus’ Called ‘Hindustan’ – Land of Hindus History traces back 9000 years ago Indus valley civilization started over 5000 years ago Sanskrit was the main language Ramayana, Mahabharata, Gita written about 1000 years ago Kings and queens rule India and create dynasties Mughal invaders come to India India becomes a colony of European rulers about 500 years ago

5 Images of ancient India Sanskrit writing Indus Valley civilization Coins used in Indus valley Bhagavat Gita Rani Laxmi Bai Indian Maharaja Taj Mahal Mughal Emperor Konark Temple

6 India – A story of its recent past Portugese ruled india first. Followed by French, Dutch and British Indian Independence movement started over 100 years ago Mahatma Gandhi ‘father of the nation’ Became free from British in 1947 Independent India is 61 years old now Independence day is Aug 15

7 Images of recent history Rastrapati Bhavan – Presidents home Portugese church Queen Victoria 1 st PM - Pandit Nehru Independence Day – Aug 15 parade Mahatma Gandhi – Father of the Nation

8 Some images of India today Top schools & colleges Mr Manmohan Singh 1 st Olympic Gold medal Top job opportunities Traffic congestion Cricket loving nation Movies and showbiz

9 India’s music

10 Types of Indian Music we know Bhajan - YouTube - Sri Krishna BhajanYouTube - Sri Krishna Bhajan Filmi - YouTube - Neele Neele Ambar pe !!YouTube - Neele Neele Ambar pe !! Folk – Bhangra, Lavani YouTube - bhangra folk dance by jssYouTube - bhangra folk dance by jss Classical – Hindustani & Carnatic Ghazal Qawwali Rabindra Sangeet YouTube - Rabindra SangeetYouTube - Rabindra Sangeet Indi pop DO YOU KNOW ANY MORE…….

11 Origin of Indian music Rooted in the Vedas. Using 3 notes only Indian classical music evolved from Folk music Music was ritual oriented – Pujas, Marriages, Birth Later included expression and experience Kings and emperors promoted music About 600 years ago music became North Indian (Hindustani) and South Indian (Carnatic ) music. Hindustani music incorporated styles from Persia/middle east etc Initially music taught by word of mouth in a Guru –Shishya Parampara. Mr Bhatkhande organized the text of music to form the basis of most music texts today.

12 Images

13 Origin of Indian music Shruti and Saptak: Indian music evolved from 3 notes to a scale of 7 primary notes ( comprising a saptak) on the basis of 22 frequency intervals (shruti’s) 1st and 5th note (sa & pa) do not change the rest can change to make up different ragas. Ragas were developed. A raga is a combination of several notes woven into a composition in a way that is pleasing to the ear. Raga became basis for classical music. Ragas were also sung at particular time of the day to have max impact/influence of its composite notes. Eg Bhairavi was sung early in the morning. Thaats. 10thats were developed and a that could give rise/birth to many ragas. 10 main forms of singing in Hindustani: Dhrupad. Dhamar, khayal, tappa, tarana, sargam, thumri, hori, chaturang, raagsagar. (and example of each if possible from you tube) Rhythm: an integaral part of all kinds of Indian music. 3 aspects: taal : a complete cycle of fixed number of beats. Laya (tempo) vilambit (very slow), Madhya (mid speed) and Drut (fast) Matra; smallest unit of a taal YouTube - Zakir Hussain Masters of Percussion

14 Forms of Indian Music Dhrupad 0R89gojw

15 Form of Indian Music Khayal gayaki Bada Khayal Chotta Khayal

16 Form of Indian Music Carnatic

17 Present day Indian music Music became shorter Catchy, shorter, simpler verses and lyrics 1.5 hours songs came under 30 minutes Filmi music started from Ragas Became popular and sung today by all Last 10 years new music started Will continue to be part of India’s heritage

18 Present day musical geniuses

19 More in Part II

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