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1 BLESSED GÁRATE Always with us OFIGARATE´S FILMS presents

2 The Blessed Gárate Office in Deusto University presents an audiovisual pre- sentation of the life and virtues of our beloved brother finuras. This is the first of a series of audiovisual presentations about Francisco Gárate BLESSED GÁRATE Always with us

3 His life: 3 febr. 1857. Born in caserío Errekarte. Loyola (Guipúzcoa). 4 febr. 1857. Christened in the Parish of Azpeitia. 27 oct. 1858. Confirmed the parish of Azpeitia.

4 Early 1871 – end 1873. Assistant Orduña school Chrismats 1873-1874. At home in Errekarte de Loyola. 16-17 january 1874. Journey from Errekarte to Poyanne in Les Landes France

5 2 febr. 1876. Religious vows and first duties after novitiate 2 febr. 1874. Admitted to the noviciate of the Society of Jesus

6 15 august 1887 Completes training as jesuit and «Final Vows» in La Guardia. Nov. 1877 to march 1888 Nurse and Sacristan at Santiago Apostle School (Pontevedra)

7 9 sept. 1929. He passes away in his community at Deusto University, at 7 a.m. End march 1888. Deusto University S.J., Bilbao: porter and sacristan.

8 10 sept. 1929. Removal and burial of remains to Deusto cementry. 7 agosto 1946. Removal of the remains to Deusto University

9 If you are interested in this great saint, please keep in touch with us. The Canonization of Blessed Francisco Gárate, S.J. Cause Universidad de Deusto – Apartado nº 1- 48080 Bilbao E-mail: Teléfono: 944 139 221 *** Brouchure Favores del Hno. Gárate available

10 Let us turn to Beato Gárate! Let us pray to Our Lord for his intercession Please, share with us the favours you receive ¡Greetings from Bilbao!

11 Always with us (to be continued...) OFIGARATE´S FILMS nº 1 REALIZATION: Angel Camiña and Paz Barandiarán Músic: Gounods Ave María Photos: Archivo Oficina Favores del Beato Gárate

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