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A Shift In Focus Stefan Svensson Swedish Rescue Services Agency.

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1 A Shift In Focus Stefan Svensson Swedish Rescue Services Agency

2 Erfahrung lehrt uns zwar, dass etwas so oder so beschaffen sei, aber nicht, dass es nicht anders sein könne. (Certainly, experience tells us the nature of things, but not how it otherwise might have been) Immanuel Kant Anthropologie, 1798




6 Fire cover = providing reasonable levels of protection (against fire) Attempts so far focuses on: 1.Number of personnel 2.Time to action

7 – 9 min. 9 – 19 min. 19 – 29 min.

8 Reformed fire and rescue services law Requirements for establishing goals for the services provided Increased emphasize on fire prevention Elucidation on the responsibilities to privates (home owners etc.) Reduced governmental control and increased scope for local solutions

9 Human behavior Physiology Clothing Suppression Ventilation Buildings Detection Research areas:


11 Expert Fires Fire fighting Rescue work Command & control Management In the best interest of the public, or…?

12 Statistics Economy Logistics Competence Skill Performance ? ?


14 (1)

15 < 5 min. < 10 min. < 15 min. < 20 min. > 20 min.

16 Fire cover Safety cover: What needs do the public have when various types of accidents or incidents occur and with what kind of help can society contribute in such situations?



19 A shift in focus; from "fire cover" towards "safety cover Differentiated composition of fire and rescue teams New, different and differentiated technology; Alternative actions, methods and procedures Developed command and control functions. Analysis based on the help needed To create a holistic view on safety to the public and to approach the problem of providing fire cover from a broader perspective. Conclusions

20 Thank you for your attention!

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