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Managerial Processes 2 DOSHEM. Management skills.

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1 Managerial Processes 2 DOSHEM

2 Management skills

3 Technical Skills Technical knowledge and proficiency in special area to accomplish specialized task working with "things" (process or physical objects)

4 Human skills Ability to work effectively and build cooperative effort among people he leads working with people Respect, Acceptance Motivate

5 Conceptual skills Formation of ideas, understanding of relationships of the parts to the whole Understanding and analyzing …. Data Entity management Communication and critical thinking

6 Management roles

7 Interpersonal Figurehead Leader Liaison

8 Figurehead the manager performs symbolic duties as head (of the organization)

9 Leader role where he/she establishes the work atmosphere and motivates subordinates to act

10 Liaison the manager develops and maintains webs of contacts outside the organization

11 Informational Monitor Disseminator Spokesperson

12 Monitor the manager collects all types of information relevant and useful to the organization

13 Disseminator where the manager gives other people the information they need to make decisions

14 Spokesperson the manager transmits information to the outside world

15 Decisional Entrepreneur Disturbance Handler Resource Allocator Negotiator

16 Entrepreneur the manager initiates controlled change in the organization to adapt to the changing environment

17 Disturbance Handler the manager deals with the unexpected changes

18 Resource Allocator the manager makes decisions on the use of organizational resources

19 Negotiator the manager deals with other organizations and individuals

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