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Calentamiento Pre-write 333 Read 332 Make a list of unknown words.

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1 Calentamiento Pre-write 333 Read 332 Make a list of unknown words

2 Calentamiento ¿Cuánto sabes tú? Read 339
Tell one sentence about your health & how you feel using: Me siento…..bien/mal/energética. Tell that your head hurts (tengo un dolor de cabeza/me duele la cabeza) Tell that your eyes hurt (me duelen los ojos) Give two sentences asking people to do something with you using NOSOTROS COMMANDS (one w/ ir, one w/ subjunctive Vamos a comer/Comamos Suggest indirectly that someone do something & someone NOT do something (2 sentences) Que hagan la tarea/Que no se duerman Wish something to happen w/ indirect command (Que + subjunctive) Que haya paz en el mundo. Read 339

3 traduce: to be on a diet to stay in shape to watch your figure
to gain weight (2) the stress Fats to lose weight (2) Suffer from Weights get in shape Lee “Letras y Sonidos” p 342

4 traduce: to be on a diet to stay in shape to watch your figure
Estar a dieta to stay in shape Mantenerse en forma to watch your figure Guardar la linea to gain weight Subir de peso the stress El estrés Fats Las grasas to lose weight Bajar de peso adelgazar Suffer from Padecer (de) Weights Las pesas El peso get in shape Ponerse en forma Lee “Letras y Sonidos” p 342

5 Appendix A-12 (10-19B) Tomar una aspirina Practicar juegos de memoria
No comer postres Hacer jogging No fumar

6 Los alimentos Overview & Purpose: Nutrition and health vocabulary will help the student stay healthy by being able to eat healthily & exercise in a Spanish-speaking environment and give health advice. Objective: To tell three things to eat or do to stay healthy and three foods to avoid.

7 Los alimentos Las bebidas alcohólicas Los carbohidratos El colesterol
Alcoholic beverages Los carbohidratos The carbohydrates El colesterol The cholesterol Las grasas The fats Los productos lácteos The dairy products Las proteínas The proteins

8 Calentamiento Warm-up: Complete the following statements using a different verb in the subjunctive for each properly: Espero que... Me alegro de que... Siento que... Temo que... Lamento que... Me sorprende que... When you finish your warm-up & I’ve checked it, complete the Quizlet for pg 333 and work on MSL




12 Las enfermedades y el bienestar (the sicknesses & the well-being)
la diabetes The diabetes Los ejercicios aeróbicos Aerobics El estrés The stress El peso The weight El sobrepeso The excess weight/obesity

13 Tu línea y tu salud (your weight and your health)
Adelgazar To become thinner Bajar de peso To lose weight Cuidar(se) To take care (of one’s self) Estar a dieta To be on a diet Guardar la linea Stay trim, to watch one’s figure. Hacer jogging/footing Trotar: To jog Mantenerse (ie) en forma To keep/stay in shape Padecer (zc) To suffer (from) Ponerse en forma To get into shape Subir de peso To gain weight

14 La tarea Evaluation: Libro 10-17, 10-18, 10-19 MSL to 10-20


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