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Calentamiento Pre-write 333 – Read 332 Make a list of unknown words.

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1 Calentamiento Pre-write 333 – Read 332 Make a list of unknown words

2 Calentamiento ¿Cuánto sabes tú? – Tell one sentence about your health & how you feel using: Me siento…..bien/mal/energética. – Tell that your head hurts (tengo un dolor de cabeza/me duele la cabeza) – Tell that your eyes hurt (me duelen los ojos) – Give two sentences asking people to do something with you using NOSOTROS COMMANDS (one w/ ir, one w/ subjunctive Vamos a comer/Comamos – Suggest indirectly that someone do something & someone NOT do something (2 sentences) Que hagan la tarea/Que no se duerman – Wish something to happen w/ indirect command (Que + subjunctive) Que haya paz en el mundo. Read 339

3 traduce: to be on a diet to stay in shape to watch your figure to gain weight (2) the stress Fats to lose weight (2) Suffer from Weights get in shape Lee Letras y Sonidos p 342

4 traduce: to be on a diet – Estar a dieta to stay in shape – Mantenerse en forma to watch your figure – Guardar la linea to gain weight – Subir de peso the stress – El estrés Fats – Las grasas to lose weight – Bajar de peso – adelgazar Suffer from – Padecer (de) Weights – Las pesas – El peso get in shape – Ponerse en forma Lee Letras y Sonidos p 342

5 Appendix A-12 (10-19B) Tomar una aspirina Practicar juegos de memoria No comer postres Hacer jogging No fumar

6 Los alimentos Overview & Purpose: Nutrition and health vocabulary will help the student stay healthy by being able to eat healthily & exercise in a Spanish-speaking environment and give health advice. Objective: To tell three things to eat or do to stay healthy and three foods to avoid.

7 Los alimentos Las bebidas alcohólicas – Alcoholic beverages Los carbohidratos – The carbohydrates El colesterol – The cholesterol Las grasas – The fats Los productos lácteos – The dairy products Las proteínas – The proteins

8 Calentamiento Warm-up: Complete the following statements using a different verb in the subjunctive for each properly: 1.Espero que... 2.Me alegro de que... 3.Siento que... 4.Temo que... 5.Lamento que... 6.Me sorprende que... When you finish your warm-up & Ive checked it, complete the Quizlet for pg 333 and work on MSL




12 Las enfermedades y el bienestar (the sicknesses & the well-being) la diabetes – The diabetes Los ejercicios aeróbicos – Aerobics El estrés – The stress El peso – The weight El sobrepeso – The excess weight/obesity

13 Tu línea y tu salud (your weight and your health) Adelgazar – To become thinner Bajar de peso – To lose weight Cuidar(se) – To take care (of ones self) Estar a dieta – To be on a diet Guardar la linea – Stay trim, to watch ones figure. Hacer jogging/footing – Trotar: To jog Mantenerse (ie) en forma – To keep/stay in shape Padecer (zc) – To suffer (from) Ponerse en forma – To get into shape Subir de peso – To gain weight

14 La tarea Evaluation: Libro 10-17, 10-18, MSL to 10-20


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