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Priory Clinic Best IVF Expert India Contact: 9810119072 Dr. S.Basu | Dr. S.N.Basu.

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1 Priory Clinic Best IVF Expert India Contact: 9810119072 Dr. S.Basu | Dr. S.N.Basu

2 About Our Priory Clinic: We strive to provide world class treatment with top-notch facilities and superlative expertise at very affordable prices, and to assist you in realizing your dream with the provision of practical alternate resolutions. At Priory Clinic we specialize in all the aspects of infertility and provide all-inclusive services like IVF, IUI, egg and embryo donation, surrogacy, sperm banking, assisted hatching, cryopreservation, treatment of male infertility unexplained infertility, and psychological and emotional help to deal with infertility or sexual problems. All these services are available under one roof; you need not go from clinic to clinic in search of answers. Our doctors, Dr Sitangshu Basu and Dr Mrs. S. N. Basu, will personally care for you and counsel you regarding treatment options. This husband and wife team are highly qualified, with fellowships from the U.K in addition to their post graduate degrees, and have won numerous awards too. Only after the exact reason for your infertility is known, is a tailor made treatment plan is devised and recommended to you.

3 About Our Priory Clinic: Why us? Priory Clinic is among the foremost IVF clinics in Delhi practising ethical treatment of infertility and enjoying a high rate of success for the past two decades. The main reason we set up this clinic was to enable childless couples to experience the joys of parenthood. We offer various treatment packages so you can choose according to your budget. At our clinic, you get: Personal care and attention for each patient Vast database of healthy egg donors accessible when needed Good chance of achieving successful pregnancy Experts who will handle each phase of your treatment, right up to the baby’s birth Surrogacy, egg or sperm donation for single parents and couples

4 More About Priory Clinic History and Experience Dr Basu and Dr. Mrs Basu have been helping couples to overcome their infertility problems for over 20 years. They are both senior consultants at the Jaipur Golden Hospital in Delhi where they have served for many years. Dr. S.Basu has also served as the Assistant Civil Surgeon in Jehanabad for three years. All the different aspects of your treatment: be it legal, psychological or medical, are handled by us, so that you can be free from those hassles. We have a panel of expert specialists who are called in for consultation as the need arises. We are strongly committed to the welfare of childless couples and surrogate mothers, and can proudly say that we have earned a reputation to that effect. Why is Priory Clinic's Fertility program an ideal choice for childless couples seeking treatment? Our fertility treatment programs are highly effective and budget friendly too. You can avail of discounted and bundled prices to save a good percentage off of your medical bills. Why our packages are less expensive when compared to other programs? As we deal directly with medicine companies, specialty pharmacies and trained fertility specialists, we are in a position to transfer the savings to the patient undergoing a specific treatment cycle. We provide the couples a detailed cost sheet so that they know exactly how much they will need to spend for each treatment, each cycle, medication, and so on.

5 More About Priory Clinic Team of Experienced Professionals Only a group of experienced and proficient experts should perform surrogate parenting treatment; at Priory Clinic, we have an outstanding team for this task. We often collaborate with leading doctors and health care professionals from other countries who are reputed in assisted reproductive technology (ART) Cross Training for the staff Our staff undergoes cross training so that we can cover all aspects of the treatment cycle and it can run seamlessly. Counsellors are always in touch with our staff so that they are up to date with all details of a case. Our lawyers have a comprehensive and lucid system to track every case so that they can know in a single look, what formalities still remain to be completed. Our team of experts (in different fields) are so well interconnected that even in the absence of any one member, another can easily move forward with whatever needs to be done. Responsible and Compatible Matching At Priory Clinic we thoroughly screen applicants for surrogacy regardless of the number of intending parents. This is because we want to ensure that we have the right person who is healthy and of sound mind, and has physical or genetic characteristics as per the intending parents’ wishes. We evaluate the applicants physically and psychologically, and help you find the perfect match. In case you are not satisfied with the candidate in any way, we could always present another surrogate mother to you. We will not pressure you to rush into a decision, because your interests are of paramount importance to us.

6 Priory IVF Clinic- Contact Us Address: 652, Ambika Apartments, Sector 14, Rohini, Delhi-110085 New Delhi-110085,India Contact: +91 9810119072 Email Id: Website:

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