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SEO services company in India

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1 SEO services company in India

2 Content Overview Goals tools (example of Search Engine) process SEO roadmap: on-pages services off-pages services

3 SEO WHAT is the SEO ? Do you know that every day, more than two billion searches are conducted on Google and yahoo? But how does it affects our website? The answer consists of two parts : possibilities and opportunities. it is important for our websites to achieve a high ranking in the search results. To successfully achieve this, you have the option to use (strategically) social media, advertising and SEO (Search Engine Optimization).Search Engine Optimization

4 SEO Service SEO is described as optimizing your website for search engines. That is means we should adjust some elements (HTML tags, text, etc.) of our websites to promote understanding of the its contents by search engines.

5 Goals 1.improve your competitive edge 2.achieving a high ranking on the search engines 3.increase your investment 4.growth your site traffic

6 Example of Search Engine

7 Search Engine statistics 2014

8 Process OFF pages services of the SEO is the best way to get high traffic to our websites and its includes: blog and article submission directory submission social bookmarking ON pages services factors related direct to website content and structure, also involve modify keyword frequency in URL. optimizing Title. headings and the body text. Design layout Keyword research Navigation Articles

9 Keywords

10 Contact For More Information Visit Your Website


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