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1 Your Guide for Halal Tourism in India

2 What is Halal ? Halal (Arabic: حلال ‎ ḥ alāl, "permissible") is a term designating any object or an action which is permissible to use or engage in, according to Islamic Law.

3 What is Halal Tourism ? Halal Tourism is a new product in the tourism industry which allows a Muslim Individual / Family to perform Halal Activities even during Holidays / Business Travel. Halal Tourism is nothing different but just giving additional service to the People who are looking for certain services to make their stay more comfortable.. Halal Tourism is not only restricted to Muslim Travelers but can also be experienced by any other traveler who would like to feel and explore the experience. Hotel is the most important choice one makes when planning a trip. As such choosing a Halal Friendly Hotel will make the stay at the destination a pleasant and a comfortable one. Rating for Hotels depends on what kind of Halal friendly services and facilities the Hotel has to offer.

4 What Services does a Tourist want while Travelling ? Hotel / Resort Ground Handling Local Transport : Air / Train / Car Food & Beverage Sight Seeing Packages Shopping Other Services

5 What Services Does a Halal Traveler Require ? Services for a Tourist Hotel / Resort Ground Handling Local Transport : Air / Train / Car Food & Beverage Sight Seeing Packages Shopping Services for a Muslim Tourist Hotel / Resort Ground Handling Local Transport : Air / Train/ Car Food & Beverage Sight Seeing Packages Shopping Prayer Facilities & Qiblah Direction Nearest Masjid & Nearest Veg & Muslim Restaurants & Halal Restaurants

6 Why India for Halal Tourism ? India is home to more than 175 million Muslims and has the second-largest community of Muslim consumers in the world after Indonesia, But its market in regard to the choices of Halal-endorsed products among mainstream brands is still highly untapped. According to estimates by the Pew Research group, Muslim population in India is projected to increase from 177.3 million in 2010 to 236.2 million in 2030. And the share of Muslims in India’s population is expected to increase from 14.6% in 2010 to 15.9% in 2030. A lot of Muslims from around the World visit India for Leisure / Business / Medical Treatments, i am not saying every Muslim would need our services & but i am looking to Tap those Customers who are keen for this service. The Best of all there is no travel company to Provide such service in India.

7 Advantages / Benefits There is no Travel Company in India providing the service India is a home of 175 million Muslims having third largest Muslim Population As per the Indian Tourism Statistics the FTA the annual growth rate compared to last 2 years has been by 11.8% Total arrivals : 1266141 ( Numbers are only from Muslim Ruled Countries as of 2010 ) Source Indian State Tourism Board Statistics We can focus Domestic as well as International Customers India is known not only for tourism but for Medical treatments as well

8 Website Features : Leisure Holidays : Hotel Bookings, Tours, Local Transport. Medical Tourism : Providing Halal Facilities ( Quran, Prayer Mat & Tours ) in Hospitals in India. Rural Tourism : This is a new Concept where People can stay with families to experience Indian Culture & Muslim Environment. Domestic Booking : Offline booking for Travelling within India by Air, Train or Personalized Transport.

9 Foreign Tourist Arrivals : Tourist Arrivals from West Asia ( 2010 ) : 191861 Tourist Arrivals from Africa( 2010 ) : 204525 Tourist Arrivals from South Asia ( 2010 ) : 664507 Tourist Arrivals from Malaysia & Indonesia( 2010 ) : 205248 All the Statistics taken are from India Tourism Statistics 2010 ( Primary%20Content/MR/pub-OR- statistics/2010Statistics.pdf) Primary%20Content/MR/pub-OR- statistics/2010Statistics.pdf Total arrivals : 1266141 Kindly Note we have not taken any FTA numbers from Europe, America, South America, East Asia & India as well.

10 Other Halal Destinations : Malaysia Thailand Srilanka Oman Sharjah Vietnam Brunei More to Come

11 Opportunity For Travel Agents/Tour Operators : New Product to sell to the Muslim Customers New Revenue Stream of Selling Hotels in India & Globally. Selling India & Other Destinations Globally as a New Halal Friendly destination for Leisure, Business & Medical Treatments

12 Our Vision At, our vision is to be the Global leader in Providing an Ultimate Holiday Experience that will be of highest standards and the Halal Way.

13 Our Mission Raise Halal Tourism awareness Promote standards all over India & Globally Support the growth of the Halal Tourism through various media channels like Internet, mobile applications, publications & other media.

14 Thank you

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