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Best Practices 21st Century Communication Ideas. Social Media Use is Growing.

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1 Best Practices 21st Century Communication Ideas

2 Social Media Use is Growing

3 This is Where Our Customers Are

4 is a social networking website launched in February 2004 with more than 600 million active users in January 2011. Users can add people as friends and send them messages, and update their personal profiles to notify friends about themselves.

5 How Does It Work?

6 It’s FREE – Really It’s FREE

7 Anyone Can Create a Page


9 Page Administration Only an Authorized Representative of the Subject Matter May Administer the Page Administrators must have a facebook account There can be multiple Administrators of the Page Contra Costa has 5 Page Admins with 3 of them answering questions & posting content.

10 This is Our Page Wall

11 Components of the Wall Department & Fan Posts Info - Address, Phone, E-mail, Website URL – MAINTAIN CONFIDENTIALITY Don't post personal case details. California's Child Support Services Program works with parents and guardians to ensure children receive court-ordered financial and medical support. Links- State Website, Customer Connect, Family Law Facilitator Events-Child Support Awareness Month Notes – Post Helpful Customer Info that is always accessible Videos & Photos

12 What is Posted on the Wall? Other Agencies’ Flyers System Outages & Notices Affecting Customers Answers to Questions

13 More Posts Low Cost Family Friendly Activities Office Closures Answer Questions

14 Insights – Use Statistics

15 Demographics

16 Wall Posts Displayed on Website

17 Used for Locate Too Unlocated CP with $ sitting in suspense Account Technician sent letters to several CSE addresses & called all phone numbers on system, with no luck. Acct. Tech asked Facebook Admin to search for CP and found a match and sent her a private message to call. It was the correct CP and she is excited to receive $21,000.

18 Facebook Final Thoughts Our Page has been live for 2 ½ yrs There have never been any negative posts. Did I mention Facebook is FREE

19 Outreach Using QR Codes Quick Response (QR) codes are two- dimensional barcodes Use smartphone with QR Code reader to take a picture of the QR Code QR Code can: – Display Text – Go to a Web Page – Make a Phone Call – Send a Text Message

20 What are QR Codes Used For? Signs at tourism locations to provide more information Ads by manufacturers to give coupons or discounts Libraries direct users to a mobile library website How –to videos for product installation Trade show name tags with contact information House for Sale signs to see photos of the house Appliance instructions – now where is the manual for the DVD player?

21 QR Code Creation QR Codes are simple & FREE Search Internet for “QR Code Generator” Enter Website URL or Text and Generate Save QR Code in many standard formats

22 Non IV-D Outreach with BART Ads

23 Simple Ads for Travelers

24 Scan the BART Ad QR Code to Watch a Video To Learn More About the Benefits of Opening a Child Support Case

25 Google Translate Gadget

26 FREE Code for Websites In a Multitude of Languages

27 Amazing Accessibility Everything is converted: Text Links Sub-Pages Facebook Wall Posts too

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