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E S P R E S S O Made in Naples C O M P A N Y P R O F I L E 2013.

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1 E S P R E S S O Made in Naples C O M P A N Y P R O F I L E 2013

2 Caffé EDOR Caffé EDOR covers a large range of Italian Espresso Coffee to satisfy any needs, from large importers to small groceries. We can guarantee the best Italian Espresso Coffee, at a competitive price to develop any type of market. We have a great experience to serve, with the real Italian Espresso coffee, customers in any part Caffé EDOR. of the world through our brand name Caffé EDOR. With this brand we want to preserve the real Italian Espresso coffee tradition in the foreign market. Caffé EDOR Caffé EDOR is a trademark of RG FOOD ITALIA Srl T H E C O M P A N Y

3 Caffé EDOR Company: Caffé EDOR VAT n.:IT 05053410659 HQ:Via Giovanni XXIII – 84012 – Angri (SA) Plant:Area ASI – 80035 - Nola (NA) – Italy Homepage: Tel:+39-081-1946.4509 Fax:+39-089-0971.355 T H E C O M P A N Y

4 Industrial Area ASI Nola-Marigliano - Località Boscofangone 80035 – Nola – Naples – ITALY LOCATION (Plant) T H E C O M P A N Y

5 R O A S T I N G P R O C E S S

6 R o a s t i n g p r o c e s s GREEN COFFEE The raw beans are carefully selected in the most important coffee-growing areas of the world. Throughtout the entire production process we are constantly striving for one goal: to retain the full aroma of each freshly roasted coffee bean. With the aid of high technology is it possible to ensure the high quality as well as the multivarious diversity of the various flavour of the coffee.

7 R O A S T I N G P R O C E S S ROASTING We mix our blends from high-quality raw beans, which are subsequently specially roasted according to the desired result, type of bean and origin. R o a s t i n g p r o c e s s


9 Unique Aroma & Blend Diversity P r o D U C T S Espresso BAR is the speciality coffee from EDOR CAFFE, with full dark roast, which offer the typical flavour of the particular region, e.g. Ethiopa, Tanzania and Vietnam. The selection of green coffee from the most important coffee growing area in the World, the chosen degree of roasting and the grinding enables EDOR CAFFE to satisfy taste preferences worldwide. Espresso ORO combine the interaction of various origin within a unique blend. It represent the harmony of aromas, the balance of acidity and mildness. ESPRESSO ORO ESPRESSO BAR

10 Unique Aroma & Blend Diversity 100% ARABICA ESPRESSO TOP Espresso TOP Made from the best Arabica green coffee. A luxury Espresso 100% Arabica Espresso TOP P r o D U C T S

11 QUALITY FOR CUSTOMER These products are exclusively developed for and with individual customers. These are strategic products that depend on minimum production quantities and also require a long-term partnership. ESPRESSO COFFEE BEANS FOR CUSTOMER Espresso coffee beans is the right solution for any type of request to satisfy the different trend products like the latest flavoured coffees. p r I V A T E L A B E L S


13 Each capsule is individually packed in a hermetically-sealed environment that guarantees high hygienic safeness and perfect product flavour protection. Paper Pods & Plastic Capsules P r o D U C T S The one-cup pods EDOR CAFFE can satisfy the need to have a perfect Italian Espresso at home or office.

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