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Scientific Method Who uses it? What is it? Why should I care? 10-1-12.

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2 Scientific Method Who uses it? What is it? Why should I care? 10-1-12

3 Everyone uses it everyday.  Yes Even You!!!!!!!!!!

4 It is a way to solve problems. Do you have any? Any big or any small ones?

5 Any of these sound familiar? Where are my shoes? What should I have for lunch? What class do I have next? Did I do my homework for that class? Which deodorant works the longest?

6 6 Steps 1. Problem/Question 2. Observations and Info 3. Hypothesis 4. Experiment 5. Analyze Data 6. Conclusion

7 By following these steps in order you will learn about your question.

8 Problem/Question The question that you are trying to answer Be specific.

9 Observations and Info Gather data about your question books magazines reports experts your past experiences

10 Hypothesis educated an educated guess a testable prediction

11 Experiment 2 parts: Materials and Procedure Materials: list of equipment needed Procedure : list of instructions

12 Analyze Data Collection of information and data from the experiment. It may be charts, graphs or written work.

13 Conclusion Did you find the answer to your question/problem? It is OK if your hypothesis was not correct.

14 Report your findings Very important to share info You will help others learn.

15 Variables A factor that can change or be changed in an experiment.

16 3 Types of Variables Independent (Manipulated) Variable: What is changed on purpose; only 1 in an experiment Ex: Moby changed how often he watered his plants.

17 Dependent (Responding) Variable: This is what changes by itself in your experiment. It is the DATA that you collect. Ex: How well Moby’s plants grew.

18 Controlled (Constant)Variable: Everything else in the experiment must be held constant (kept the same). Ex: Moby used same types of plants, same amount of light, same soil.

19 Model -A representation of an object or system - Often represents things that are very small or very large.

20 Examples Model Airplane Map Doll Clay volcano Stuffed Shark

21 Limitations of Models  What would be a limitation of a doll?  What would be a limitation of a model volcano?  Are there any limitations of my solar system model on the wall?

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