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Metals, Nonmetals, Metalloids Review

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1 Metals, Nonmetals, Metalloids Review

2 Directions: Click “Slideshow” and “From Beginning” to view this presentation properly. Make a 3 column chart and label the columns metals, Nonmetals, or Metalloids. As you go through the presentation list the physical AND chemical properties of each.

3 Metals 3

4 Properties of Metals Metals appear to the left of the dark zig-zag line on the periodic table. Most metals are solid at room temperature. 4

5 Properties of Metals Metals have shiny metallic Luster 5

6 Properties of Metals Ductile metals can be drawn into wire. 6

7 Properties of Metals Malleable metals can be hammered into sheets 7

8 Properties of Metals Metals have a high melting point. They are also very dense. 8

9 Properties of Metals Conductors
Metals are good conductors of electricity and heat 9

10 Properties of Metals A chemical property of metal is its reaction with water and oxygen. This results in corrosion and rust. 10

11 Nonmetals 11

12 Properties of Nonmetals
Nonmetals occur to the right of the dark zig-zag on the periodic table. Although Hydrogen is in family 1, it is also a nonmetal. Many nonmetals are gases at room temperature. 12

13 Properties of Nonmetals
Nonmetals have nonmetallic luster; they tend to be dull. 13

14 Properties of Nonmetals
Brittle Nonmetals are brittle so they break easily. This means nonmetals ARE NOT ductile or malleable. 14

15 Properties of Nonmetals
Nonmetals have low density. 15

16 Properties of Nonmetals
They also have a low melting point. This is why they are poor conductors of heat and electricity. 16

17 Metalloids 17

18 Properties of Metalloids
Metalloids can be found clustered around the dark zig-zag line that separates metals and nonmetals. 18

19 Properties of Metalloids
Metalloids (metal-like) have properties of both metals and nonmetals. 19

20 Properties of Metalloids
Metalloids are solids that can be shiny or dull. 20

21 Properties of Metalloids
They are “okay” conductors of electricity and heat - better than nonmetals but not as well as metals. 21

22 Properties of Metalloids
Metalloids can be malleable and ductile but not always. 22

23 If a substance can be pulled into thin wires and is a dull tan color, what is it?

24 If you have a copper colored material that you can hammer into the shape of a coin what do you have?

25 If you find something that does not reflect light very well, keeps you warm, and will just tear if you stretch it, what do you have? nonmetal

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