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University of Salerno - Italy. Region: Campania Salerno Situated on the Gulf of Salerno on the Tyrrhenian Sea 146.000 inhabitants Main town close to.

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1 University of Salerno - Italy

2 Region: Campania

3 Salerno Situated on the Gulf of Salerno on the Tyrrhenian Sea 146.000 inhabitants Main town close to Amalfi Coast (UNESCO World Heritage Site) Mostly known for its Schola Medica Salernitana (the first University of Medicine in the world).

4 Salerno has very ancient origins, very probably Greek. In 8 th century the Schola Medica Salernitana was founded, first medieval medical school in the cosmopolitan coastal south Italian city of Salerno, which provided the most important source of medical knowledge in Western Europe at the time. Even today Salernos beautiful historic centre bears signs of this glorious past with its medieval charm intact.

5 Salerno rhyme of the winter, oh! sweetest winter. Salerno rhyme of eternity These were the last verses written by the renowned Salernitan poet, Alfonso Gatto, about his city… Climate Average C° January6/13° February6/14° March7/16° April10/19° May13/24° June17/28° July19/30° August19/30° September17/27° October 13/23° November 10/18° December 7/15°

6 The cost of living in Salerno is quite low compared to other Italian towns. Accommodation in single room about 250,00 Accommodation in double room about 180,00 Monthly bus pass 25,40 Weekly bus pass 9,20 Daily ticket 2,60 Single ticket 1,10 Cinema ticket 7.00 Cinema On Wednesday 3,50 Newspaper 1,00 Milk 1 lt. 1,35 Bread 1 kg 2,00 Pizza and a beer (restaurant) 10,00

7 Food…nothing better to introduce Campania and its traditions…

8 Voices from the past …. Two among the most important archeological sites in the world are nearby Salerno: Pompeii, where time stopped on 24 August 79 during Vesuvio eruption, and Paestum (Greek period) although less known, visiting it is like engaging an extraordinary journey through time: a walk through its temples at sunset is unforgettable … its Museum, where you can see the famous Tuffatore fresco…

9 The Schola Medica Salernitana achieved its utmost splendour between the tenth and thirteenth centuries, during which its fame began to spread more than locally. Salerno gained the title of "Town of Hippocrates" (Hippocratica Civitas or Hippocratica Urbs). People from all over the world came to the "Schola Salerni" in the hope of recovering, and students to learn the art of Medicine.

10 THE PAST The University of Salerno is one of the oldest universities in Europe together with Paris and Bologna. THE PRESENT The presence of multimedia facilities, halls of residence, a modern library, sport facilities, as well as places to meet and eat, and green spaces make it a pleasant place to study.

11 University of Salerno Founded in 1944 More than 40.000 students 10 Faculties 31 Degrees 39 Master Degrees 3 Postgraduate Schools 16 Ph.D Courses

12 10 Faculties 1.Economics and Business 2.Pharmacy 3.Law 4.Engineering 5.Arts and Philosophy 6.Foreign languages and literature 7.Medicine 8.Education 9.Mathematics, physics and biology 10.Political science

13 Living on Campus The halls of residence are made up of 282 rooms: 210 single rooms and 72 double and triple rooms. 5 minutes walk and you can reach your class…and more!


15 Sport The University has a sports centre enabling students to practice on campus. It offers: a covered swimming pool two five-a-side football grounds a hard tennis court a ground for different sports a cycling and running track two gyms for such activities as Aerobics, Step aerobics, Body building, Table tennis, etc. a sports hall with a 1200 square metre surface for Aerobics, Step aerobics, Spinning, Basket ball, Volley ball; an open air basketball ground

16 Language Centre The language centre organises courses and practice sessions for the teaching of foreign languages in its multimedia and audiovisual rooms, either with a teacher or on a self- access basis. Computer rooms are available to international students here.

17 Music The University of Salerno is keen to encourage students to learn and play music.Every year, thanks to the Musicateneo Association and other groups of teachers and students involved, the university forms an orchestra made up of Erasmus students and given the name Erasmus Band; other university orchestras are The Camerata strumentale The Principe Sanseverino vocal ensemble The New Jazz Orchestra The Musicateneo Big Band The Musicateneo Percussion ensemble The Jazz Orchestra The Musicateneo Association has also produced two CDs, called Take the U Train and Next Station. Other musical events include: Courses in jazz improvisation, Campusinfesta, a festival of folk music, Live at Fisciano Village, a festival of all kinds of university bands. During the academic year concerts, seminars and master-classes are organised, with the participation of musicians of international fame.

18 Theatre The theatre can seat 300 and it is fitted with the most up-to-date theatrical and acoustic equipment. Foreign students may also take part free of charge in the Drama School. This takes place from October through March. Auditions for admission to the school are held in October.

19 International Relations- Erasmus Office 5 Staff Members Main tasks: Welcome point for International Students/Staff on mobility and/or full enrolled Management of Erasmus and other International Programmes Postgraduate Student Placement Abroad (Foreign Affairs Ministry and Assocamerestero) International Relations General information Guides for outgoing and incoming students Updating of URIEs website (

20 Erasmus programme academic year 2009/2010 Erasmus for study Outgoing students n.191 Incoming students n. 179

21 Erasmus programme academic year 2009/2010 Erasmus placement Outgoing students n. 10

22 Erasmus programme academic year 2009/2010 Erasmus Staff Training (Academic/Non Academic) Outgoing n. 32 Incoming n. 42

23 International Cooperation Agreements International Cooperation Argentina Belgio Bielorussia Bolivia Brasile Cile Cina Cipro Colombia Croazia Cuba Danimarca Egitto Finlandia Francia Georgia Germania Grecia India Irlanda Lettonia Marocco Messico Norvegia Olanda Paesi Mediterr. Perù Portogallo Regno Unito Rep. Ceca Romania Russia Spagna Svezia Tunisia Turchia Ucraina Ungheria Venezuela USA TOT Economic and Business 1 1 1 12 2 1 1 1 112 116 Pharmacy 1 1 1 3 Law1 2 11 5 Engineering1 1 5211 1 1 31 3 1 1 1 2 122 434 Arts and Philosophy 2 1 3 Foreign languages and literature 1 1 4 1 1 1 110 Education2 1 1 1 1 1 7 Mathematics, physics and biology 1 1 1 111 1 1 12 11 Political Science 1 1 1 1 1 5 512175222111119143121311113111156132211694 The University of Salerno promotes a rich variety of academic collaboration agreements with foreign universities, promoting professor, researcher and student mobility.

24 LLP Programme Erasmus Intensive Programmes Call 2009 Languages Interkulturelle Mnemo-Graphie Transmediale Darstellungen Portugals, Italiens und Deutschlands seit dem 19. Jahrhundert UNISA - Universidade do Minho (P) – Universität Hamburg (D) Salerno, 3-15 Maggio 2010 ; Science Interdisciplinary approaches to microarray data analysis UNISA University of Helsinki (SF) – University of Warwick (UK) – Università degli Studi di Napoli Federico II° (I) Università degli Studi di Milano (I) Comenius Call 2009 (Education) MOST – Motivation to study UNISA - Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona (E) Bulgarian and Italian Secondary schools Grundtvig Call 2008 (Education) CHANGE – Care of Health Advertising New Goals for Elderly People UNISA - Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona (E) - Uniwersytet Jagiellonski Collegium Medicum (PL) Vilniaus universiteto (LT) Grundtvig Call 2009 (Sociology) EEPP - E learning education for prisoners and prisoners professionals UNISA -University of Montpellier 3 (F) – Italian and Rumanian prisons Erasmus Curriculum Development (Humanities) MA European Youth Studies (MA EYS) UNISA - University of Innsbruck (A) – Gent (B) – Plovdiv (BG) – Thessaloniki (GR) – Lleida (E) – Luxembourg, Oslo (N) – Tampere (SF) Glamorgan (UK) Maynooth (IRL)

25 International Research Projects


27 AEGEE Etats Généraux des Etudiants de lEurope AEGEE Salerno is an independent European student association. Its members include many former Erasmus students. The AEGEE office is situated inside the International Relations - Erasmus Office. The main aim of the association is to help international students coming from different European universities to find accommodation and to solve any problems which might arise during their stay. It also cooperates with the International Relations - Erasmus Office to organise the welcoming of incoming students. NON SOLO SOLE 2010 XXII Edition AEGEE Salerno organizes summer courses of Italian language and culture for foreign students. These courses are based on an innovative structure: tuition in class is combined with an afternoon program of cultural trips and activities.

28 AEGEE Etats Généraux des Etudiants de lEurope Incoming students can apply for the halls of residence or can be helped to find accommodation in private rented rooms by AEGEE Salerno, whose main purposes are: To assist incoming students to find suitable accommodation; To promote and speed up their integration process. AEGEE SALERNO realizes these objectives collaborating very close with the IRO and every morning students belonging to AEGEE are at students disposal, organizing: guided tour through the University Campus to make incoming students fully aware of all services and facilities offered by the University (residence, Canteen, Wi FI, library, sport facilities, medical centre, bank and post office); Erasmus Action Weeks (orientation days) and a mailing list through which EM students, Erasmus students and local students may be easily contacted for whatever reason; Sport and recreational activities, excursions and weekly meeting; Linguistic students exchanges (tandem); Trip and cultural visits to several Italian regions.

29 Italian Intensive Language Course The University of Salerno organizes Italian intensive language courses free of charge for the international student mobility. The aim is to give students a basic competence in Italian in order to guarantee them a better understanding of courses. The course is organized in two modules of 30 hours each, for a total amount of 60 hours, at the beginning of the first and the second terms. After attending the course, students will receive a certificate with a final mark and 12 credits, if they pass the test. An entrance test will establish to which level students will be assigned to.

30 Tell me about Erasmus Raccontami Erasmus The University of Salerno promotes each year a competition in order to award a prize for a piece of creative writing, Video or Photo Album. The competition is open to all Erasmus students, PhD students of the University of Salerno and any foreign students studying at UNISA who have been awarded an Erasmus grant during the past years. Any foreign student who is not in an Erasmus mobility programme may also enter for the competition by writing a text describing his/her experience at a university campus. The competition requires candidates to write an original text (a diary, short story, theatrical piece) or to present a short Video or a Photo album, inspired by a period of study spent abroad with an Erasmus grant. Winners will receive a certificate and a sum of money during a special public ceremony. Winners from abroad will receive a 250,00 refund for travel expenses and two nights free board offered by UNISA.

31 Un altro disegno nacque la sera dalle finestre di Salerno ed esso mi risparmierà ogni descrizione di una terra deliziosa e fertilissima. Chi non sarebbe stato disposto a studiare in questa cittadina nel tempo in cui vi fioriva una università? W. Goethe Viaggio in Italia 22 marzo 1787 Another picture was made in the evening from the windows in Salerno and it will save me giving any description of this delightful and fertile land. Who would not have wished to study in this town in the times when a university flourished there? W. Goethe A Voyage to Italy March 22 nd, 1787

32 See you in Salerno, then… Thank for your attention

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