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Hambridge Primary School KS1 SATs information evening.

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1 Hambridge Primary School KS1 SATs information evening

2 What can I do?  Read, read and read some more.  Talk about books  Learn pairs of numbers which make 10, 20 and 100  Learn x2, 5 & 10 (and x3 & 4)  Learn to tell the time to the nearest 5 minutes  Ensure all writing at home is done in a neat joined script

3 Why do children sit SATs?  The national curriculum is organised into blocks of years called ‘key stages’. At the end of each key stage, we are required to report your child’s progress.  In KS1 your child’s level of attainment will be judged by the class teacher against set standards. This is called Teacher Assessment.  Teachers use the child’s work (including spoken work and homework) to work out what level your child is at in each area.  To show that pupils have met the standard, teachers will need to have evidence that a pupil demonstrates consistent attainment of all the statements within the standard.  Formal tests (SATs) are also given to help teachers make this judgement.

4 When are KS1 SATs?  May – Tests are administered and marked  June – Government publishes ‘pass’ marks  July - Reports sent home Parents’ evening

5 What tests will they take?  2x reading  Spelling  Spelling, punctuation and Grammar (SPAG)  Maths - Arithmetic  Maths - Problem solving and reasoning

6 What will we report? In KS1 there are 4 levels.  working below the expected standard  working towards the expected standard  working at the expected standard  working at greater depth within the expected standard

7 Reading  2 papers  Papers must be given in order


9 Reading Paper 1  Combined reading and answer booklet  Children read a section of text then answer related questions


11 Reading paper 2  Separate reading and answer booklets  Requires significant reading stamina  All pupils should be given the opportunity to attempt paper 2 but the teacher can stop them at any time during the test, if they feel is appropriate for the child at the time

12 Writing  Judgement about a child’s ability to write is based upon  evidence of written work from their books  Spelling test  SPAG paper  If a child does not have a neat joined handwriting style they cannot be considered to be working at greater depth.


14 Spelling Test  Read out in the context of a sentence  Children fill in the gap in the sentence  Words may be repeated as often as required  Let’s have a go!

15 SPAG paper  Questions about spelling rules, punctuation and types of words  Can be read by an adult


17 Maths  Paper 1 – arithmetic.  a selection of calculations to be solved  can be read by an adult  no equipment is allowed


19 Maths  Paper 2 – problem solving and reasoning  worded problems  shape  telling the time  reading tables and charts  measurement  can be read by an adult


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