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How To Make A WebQuest! By: Corianne Langford!.

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1 How To Make A WebQuest! By: Corianne Langford!


3 Step 1: Open PowerPoint. 1: Go To START 2: Open ALL PROGRAMS 3: Find the MICROSOFT OFFICE folder 4: Open the MICROSOFT OFFICE folder 5: Go To MICROSOFT POWERPOINT

4 Step 2: Enter the name of your WebQuest on the title slide.

5 Step 3: Enter the introduction to your WebQuest on the next slide. Use several slides if necessary. To open a new slide:

6 Step 4: Add a third slide using the "Add Slide" button and type out the tasks of the WebQuest in a list format.

7 Step 5: Type the process and any instructions for your particular WebQuest on the fourth slide.

8 Step 6: Create hyperlinks to the websites students will use on the same slide. Type the titles of the websites into the slide. Highlight the first one and select the "Hyperlink" option under the Insert menu from the toolbar at the top of the PowerPoint window.

9 Enter the type of hyperlink you wish to use and the address of the website you wish to connect it to in the dialogue box that appears. Click "OK.” Repeat the hyperlink creation process for the other hyperlinks in the slide.

10 Step 7: Create a final slide to congratulate students on completing the Web Quest.

11 Step 8: Test all hyperlinks before presenting the WebQuest to students. *Note that hyperlinks will also work when the presentation is in Slide Show mode. Just click on the link to go to site in Slide Show mode.



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