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Chapter 19: Protists Euglena Volvox Slime Mold Amoeba Spirogyra

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1 Chapter 19: Protists Euglena Volvox Slime Mold Amoeba Spirogyra

2 What was the cause of this dog-vomit?
This is a Fungus Like Protist called the Dog Vomit Slime Mold It is a colony of fungus-like cells that are feeding off of the nutrients in the mulch It needs warm and moist areas

3   After reading the description of a protest,explain why it isn’t a clear description for the characteristics of any single kingdom. Kingdom Protista is the “junk drawer” of the kingdoms All are eukaryotic therefore have a nucleus and nucleolus along with organelles alike mitochondria, ER, GA, vacuoles, chloroplasts. Basically single celled but there are some that are colonial (like the slime mold), filament (like Spirogyra), or somewhat multicellular (like some seaweeds) Their feeding method is either Animal – like: Ingestive Heterotrophs Plant –like: Autotrophic Fungus – like: Absorptive Heterotrophs

4 Look at the images indicated below and give its method of movement:
Animal Like Protists are classified by how they move Zooflagellate: Use whip-like flagella Amoeba: Uses pseudopods and moves like a white blood cells Paramecium: Uses cilia all over its body which beat together to create a current Pseudopods Flagella Cilia

5 Label the diagrams below of the Amoeba and then the Paramecium
Cilia Pseudopods Contractile vacuole Oral Groove Macronucleus Pseudopods Food vacuole

6 Plant-like Protists Plant like protists are photosynthetic and live in the photic zone in water and also in soil. They are referred to as algae and make up the base of the food pyramid as producers

7 Draw an image of Volvox and label the daughter colonies

8 Euglena is a Plant-like protist
Euglena is an interesting and often seen in stagnant waters. It is small and moves with flagella. It has an eyespot (stigma) to help it detect light

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