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2 Step One—Registration  Go to—

3 Step Two Click “Create Account” 10420463

4 Step Three Click “Student”

5 Step Four Type Class ID, Password, and Complete New Student Account Form: Class ID: 1 st Period 10420463 3 rd Period 1042050 5 th Period 10420512 6 th Period 10420526 7 th Period 10420541 Password : Cardinal

6 Step Five Click “I agree--Create Profile”

7 Step Six—Submitting an Assignment Click on your Class Period.

8 Step 7 Click “Submit” for the assignment you wish to submit.

9 Step 8 Check that the top left corner of the page reads “Single File Upload” ( NOT “Cut and Paste Upload”) Find the file you wish to upload.

10 Step 9 Title your submission. Click “Upload”

11 Step 10 Click “Confirm” to verify you have uploaded the correct assignment.

12 Step 11 You should receive a similar confirmation if your assignment was submitted successfully.

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