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The Elements of Drama.

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1 The Elements of Drama

2 Drama Comes from the Greek Word, “Dran” Means “To do” or “To Act”
The Doing/Acting Makes Drama

3 Drama… …is a story told in front of an audience

4 Elements of Drama Playwright - author of a play
Script – text of a play Actors - people who perform Acts - units of action Scenes - parts of the acts

5 Dramatic Speech Dialogue - conversation between or among characters
Monologue - long speech by one single character Soliloquy – character alone on stage reveals private thoughts to the audience. Aside – a brief remark that a character expresses to the audience.

6 Characters – actors Conflict – struggle Plot – sequence of events Climax – point of greatest tension

7 Stage Directions Sets of bracketed information that tells what the stage looks like and how characters should move and speak Center Stage = C Stage Left = L Stage Right = R Upstage or Rear = U.S. Downstage (front)= D.S.

8 Theatre Where a play takes place

9 Set Construction on the stage that shows time/place
Could be called Scenery

10 Props Movable objects that the actors use to make actions look real

11 Dramatic Effect - illusion of reality
Theme – insight into life Dramatic Conventions – methods to enhance the story

12 Types of Drama Ancient Greeks developed drama and created two types: Comedy and Tragedy.

13 Comedy a form of drama that has a happy ending.
Stresses the weaknesses of ordinary people or society.

14 Tragedy Tragedy is a form of drama in which events lead to the downfall of the main character, like a king or hero. Tragic hero – main character Tragic flaw – mistaken action or defect in character Chorus – group that comments on the action Dramatic irony – audience knows but characters don’t

15 The Globe

16 The Globe The Globe is an open air theater.
This model shows the stage from above

17 “The Heavens” “The Pit” 1penny


19 The the walls and settings are made to look elaborate.
Seemingly marble columns are just paint


21 The



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