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OPERATION SYSTEM (WINDOWS) Installing and Uninstalling.

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1 OPERATION SYSTEM (WINDOWS) Installing and Uninstalling

2 Uninstaller Its remove other software or part of it from the computer.

3 Installer - An installation program or installer is a computer program that installs files, such as applications, drivers, or other software, onto a computer.

4 How to install and uninstall software ?

5 1- Insert the CD in (CD-ROM) into the computer. 2- If the following window appears, click [Run SETUP]. Install software from CD

6 3- The following screen will be displayed. Click [Run].

7 4- Click [Install].

8 5- Click [Yes] to accept the License Agreement.

9 6- When the following window appears, click [Yes].

10 7- The following window appears, and installation starts.

11 8- Click Finish to complete installation.

12 To uninstall software go to Control panel.

13 - Click on Uninstall a program.

14 - Select the software that you want to remove it and then click uninstall.

15 - After that the computer will ask you to confirm installation, press Yes to remove the software.

16 Fail software to uninstall

17 Uninstallation Error messages - Unable to proceed because the device does not exist in the Management Zone. - Unable to proceed because the uninstaller is not able to determine the roles assigned the device. 1_installation/data/bet6a6m.html#bjv84le

18 Created Bye : Fadi Tommalieh Professor Name: Allen Baker Website :

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