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Mourners react as they stand in front of a memorial for victims of the recent mass shooting in Sandy Hook village in Newtown, Connecticut December 16,

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2 Mourners react as they stand in front of a memorial for victims of the recent mass shooting in Sandy Hook village in Newtown, Connecticut December 16, 2012. Click to continue

3 Unidentified people beat Svyatoslav Sheremet (L, bottom), head of Gay-Forum of Ukraine public organization, in Kiev, May 20, 2012.

4 A Jewish boy lifts his hand to prevent a Palestinian from taking his picture near a police barrier cordoning off a building the day after Israeli police evicted Jewish settlers who occupied it in the West Bank city of Hebron April 5, 2012.

5 Actor Tom Cruise carries his daughter Suri past a group of photographers as they make their way from a hotel in New York, July 17, 2012.

6 Bavarian farmers transport their cows on a boat over the picturesque Lake Koenigssee at dusk October 3, 2012.

7 An Afghan man takes a shortcut by climbing a wall, at a hilltop in Kabul May 11, 2012.

8 Marietta Perkins prays during a vigil for victims behind the theater where a gunman opened fire on moviegoers in Aurora, Colorado July 20, 2012.

9 A woman runs along a road during an air strike by the Sudanese air force in Rubkona near Bentiu April 23, 2012.

10 A music group performs on a path amid fields to greet the farmers at Hwanggumpyong Island, near the North Korean town of Sinuiju and the Chinese border city of Dandong June 6, 2012.

11 Delegates sit at the stage before the opening ceremony of 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing, November 8, 2012.

12 Gabrielle Douglas of the U.S. competes in the balance beam during the women's individual all-around gymnastics final in the North Greenwich Arena during the London 2012 Olympic Games August 2, 2012.

13 A physically disabled woman on her wheelchair clashes with riot police in the centre of La Paz, February 23, 2012.

14 Members of "Field Marshal Hussein Tantawi," a group consisting of official and police guards, try to ride a military police vehicle after a funeral for soldiers who were killed during an attack at a checkpoint along the Sinai border with Israel by unknown gunmen, at the tomb of the late President Anwar al-Sadat and the Unknown Soldier monument in Cairo August 7, 2012.

15 Residents push lawn mowers on a street in Nanjie village of Luohe city in China's central Henan province September 24, 2012.

16 Cyrus Fakroddin and his pet goat Cocoa take a taxi ride in New York, April 7, 2012.

17 Parker Roos, who suffers from Fragile X, rolls around on the floor after getting into an argument with his sister as his mother Holly looks on at their home in Canton, Illinois, April 4, 2012.

18 A woman uses a shaft of sunlight to see her ballot as she votes in a polling site built to service residents of the Queens borough neighborhoods of Breezy Point and the Rockaways, whose original site was damaged during Hurricane Sandy, during the U.S. presidential election in New York, November 6, 2012.

19 Chen Guangcheng, the blind Chinese dissident and legal advocate who recently sought asylum in the United States, is lit by a studio light during an interview in New York May 24, 2012.

20 Paratroopers from Chosen Company of the 3rd Battalion (Airborne), 509th Infantry board a waiting CH-47 Chinook helicopter as they begin a helicopter assault mission at Combat Outpost Herrera in Afghanistan's Paktiya Province July 15, 2012.

21 A police officer pretends to hang himself in front of the parliament during a rally in Athens September 6, 2012. About 4,000 Greek police, coastguards and firemen protested in Athens on Thursday, staging faked suicides on gallows they placed outside the finance ministry and parliament to symbolise the pain of budget cuts.

22 Huang Sufang reacts as she sees a part of her house being taken down by demolition workers at Yangji village in central Guangzhou city, Guangdong province March 21, 2012.

23 Poland's Lukasz Mamczarz starts his run up during the men's high jump F42 final at the London 2012 Paralympic Games at the Olympic Stadium in London September 3, 2012.

24 Greek parliament employees raise a mast after they replaced torn-off Greek flag with a new one atop the parliament in Athens Syntagma (Constitution) square April 18, 2012.

25 Free Syrian Army fighter takes cover during clashes with Syrian Army in the Salaheddine neighborhood of central Aleppo August 7, 2012.

26 Deontae Mobley looks in the mirror after having his hair cut by his father, "Haircut" Joe Mobley, in the neighborhood of Goldsboro, once an incorporated all-black city during the segregation era that has been absorbed by the town of Sanford, Florida April 3, 2012.

27 A crow sits on a human corpse in the river Ganges in the eastern Indian city of Patna, in Bihar state, January 22, 2012.

28 Hassan Mekki, a 32-year-old Sudanese migrant, shows scars on his back in Athens December 5, 2012.

29 Juan Carlos Castano, 43, turns on the TV in his emptied-out bedroom as he waits for the judicial commission to carry out his eviction in Madrid September 28, 2012.

30 A view of the Yawalapiti village is seen before the start of this year's 'quarup,' a ritual held over several days to honor in death a person of great importance to them, in the Xingu National Park, Mato Grosso State, August 12, 2012.

31 Confetti obscures the stage as U.S. President Barack Obama celebrates after winning the U.S. presidential election in Chicago, Illinois, November 7, 2012. You Can Keep Listening To The Music Or Press Esc To Exit COPYRIGHTS TO ALL PHOTOS AND MUSIC BELONG TO THE ORIGINAL AUTHORS. Nikos

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