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Segregation and Discrimination Changes in American Life 1880-1914 Chapter 21 Section 3.

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1 Segregation and Discrimination Changes in American Life 1880-1914 Chapter 21 Section 3

2 Essential Question: Why do people discriminate against one another?

3 Racial Discrimination Different Treatment of People on the Basis of Race

4 4 Cultures Facing Discrimination in the U.S. (1865-1914)

5 United States Reconstruction: (1865-1877) The Civil War Ended (1865) North Occupied the South (U.S. Army) Passed the 13 th, 14 th, & 15 th Amendments Helped African Americans Gain More Equality & Freedoms

6 13 th, 14 th, & 15 th United States Amendments

7 Southern Whites Take Away African American Political Power (Voting Rights) Literacy Tests –Exams Given in Latin to Prevent African Americans from Voting –Most African Americans in the South Were NOT Educated (Can’t Read = Can’t Vote) Poll Taxes –Pay a Tax in Order to Vote –Most African Americans Could Not Afford the Tax (No Pay = Can’t Vote!)

8 3 Methods Continued… The Literacy Test & the Poll Tax Prevented Poor Uneducated Whites From Voting Southern States Passed the Grandfather Clause: –Totally MESSED UP! –Stated if You Had an Ancestor that Could Vote BEFORE 1867, Then You Could Vote –Why do African Americans NOT Have Ancestors that Voted Before 1867?

9 Why Are White Southerners Afraid of African Americans Voting? African Americans Would Vote for Other African Americans or Whites That Supported Equal Rights Pass Laws to Promote Equality Southern Whites Would Lose Political Power! Southern Whites Solution Was to Prevent African Americans From Voting!

10 Jim Crow Laws Laws Passed by Southern States to Enforce Segregation Segregation –Separation of Whites & Blacks in Public Places (Parks, Schools, Libraries, Movies, Bathrooms, etc…)






16 Plessy vs. Ferguson (1896) #4 of the 7 Supreme Court Cases YOU MUST KNOW! Homer Plessy Sued a Railroad Company for Segregated Seating on Railroad Cars Claimed it Violated 14 th Amendment (Everyone is Equal)

17 Supreme Court’s Ruling on Plessy vs. Ferguson (1896) AgainstU.S. Supreme Court Ruled Against Plessy “Separate BUT Equal” HUGE Mistake by the Supreme Court!

18 Impact of Plessy vs. Ferguson Segregation Was LEGAL!  All Public Places Could Be Separated by Race Segregation & Discrimination INCREASED! What a MISTAKE!

19 Separate But Equal?

20 Segregated Schools Schools Were NOT Equal! Whites Controlled Government Positions Put $$$ into White Schools & Facilities, Not African American Ones

21 Booker T. Washington Former Slave Founded the Tuskegee Institute (Teacher) Wanted African Americans to Gain Equality Through Trades/Learning Skills/Getting Jobs & $$ Did NOT Challenge/Fight Against Segregation: –Figured Whites Would Support the Tuskegee Institute if He Did NOT Fight Segregation

22 W.E.B. Du Bois Harvard Educated REJECTEDTotally REJECTED Segregation! Founded the NAACP in 1909 NAACP Fought to End Segregation ASAP!

23 “The Talented 10 th ” Du Bois Believed Educated African Americans Would End Segregation Top 10% of Educated African Americans Would Lead the Way Why do You Think He Believed This? Was He Right?

24 NAACP The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People Founded in 1909 by W.E.B. Du Bois Fought Against Segregation in the 20 th Century Fights for Equal Rights!

25 KKK Used Violence to Keep African Americans from Voting Used Violence to Keep Segregation Scared/Intimidated Anyone Who Wanted to End Segregation




29 Ida B. Wells African American Journalist (Memphis Tennessee) Exposed Problems of Lynching – Lost 3 Friends Had to Leave Because of KKK Read Her Story (Page 624)

30 Lynching Extremely Powerful Images! Makes Me Too Nauseous to Show You!

31 Discrimination in Northern States Many African Americans Moved to Northern States (No Jim Crow Laws) NOTHowever, African Americans Could NOT Get Housing in White Neighborhoods Denied Jobs Still Faced Violence

32 Racism Towards Asians Chinese Exclusion Act Chinese Workers Got Lower Pay $$$ Than Whites Faced Violent Attacks


34 Racism Towards Mexicans Mexicans Were Forced into Peonage Forced to Work Until You Work off Your Debts: –(Washing Dishes at Restaurant) Very Similar to Slavery

35 Nature vs. Nurture (Racism)

36 Tolerance

37 We Could Learn A lot From Crayons…..


39 Essential Question: Why do people discriminate against one another?

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