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Chapter 20: An Urban Society

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1 Chapter 20: An Urban Society 1865-1914
The New Immigrants What were some characteristics of the new wave of immigrants that arrived after 1865?

2 The “OLD” Immigrants Before 1865: Mainly Northern and Western Europeans

3 After 1900: Eastern and Southern Europeans began arriving .

4 Differences: Religion (many Catholics and Jews), non-English speaking, looked different Also: Other groups arrive- Mexicans, Chinese, Japanese

5 Leaving Troubles Behind- Push/Pull Factors
“Push” factors: Economic troubles: poverty, joblessness, overcrowding, crop failures, not owning land, new machines replace workers Persecution: laws or policies passed against certain ethnic groups

6 “Pull” factors Opportunity: A place of jobs, plentiful land, and better life

7 Settling in America: Seeking Opportunity
Journey: Travel – two weeks across Atlantic Ocean, or several weeks across Pacific Ocean, usually in steerage

8 Eastern/Southern Europeans
-In East: Castle Garden/Ellis Island (1892) 1st stop

9 Asians In West: Angel Island (San Francisco)

10 What happened there? 1st step: ferry to the island
2nd step: Examiners record names, country of origin, occupation, relatives in U.S. 3rd step: Health examination What if you didn’t pass the inspection? You may be sent back to your homeland, or you may be sent to the hospital complex on Ellis Island

11 The Immigrant Experience
Jobs- settled where they found work Examples: -factories (mills, steel, clothing, etc) -sweatshops -general laborers

12 Becoming Americans: Adjusting to America
Melting Pot Blending called assimilation: process of becoming part of the American culture

13 Building Communities Ethnic neighborhoods develop
-immigrants settled with people of same culture (language, religion, experiences) LITTLE ITALY Chinatown

14 The Nativist Movement Immigration caused prejudice; led to restrictions -immigrants blamed for problems 1882: Chinese Exclusion Act: Prohibited Chinese workers from entering the United States for 10 years Immigration Act of 1917: Literacy Requirement -Had to read or write in some language

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