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Energy in the Atmosphere

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1 Energy in the Atmosphere
Section 1 Pages 42-45

2 1-Electromagnetic waves
Form of energy that can travel through space (ex: from the sun) Classified by wavelength Type of energy transfer  Radiation

3 Direct transfer of energy by electromagnetic waves
2- Radiation Direct transfer of energy by electromagnetic waves

4 3- Most of the energy from the sun reaches the Earth in the form of visible light and infrared radiation, and a small amount of ultraviolet radiation.

5 4- Infrared Radiation Form of energy with wavelengths that are longer than red light. Not visible but can be felt as heat.

6 5- Ultraviolet Radiation
Form of radiation that has wavelengths that are shorter than violet light. Not visible but causes sunburn, skin cancer and eye damage.

7 6- What happens to the sun’s energy when it reaches the Earth’s atmosphere?
It is either absorbed or reflected

8 7- What absorbs the sun’s energy?
Water vapor & carbon dioxide absorb infrared radiation Ozone Layer absorbs most of the ultraviolet radiation Clouds, dust and gases also absorb some of the sun’s energy

9 8- What reflects the sun’s energy?
Clouds Dust Gases

10 9- Define scattering. Reflection of light in all directions
Why is the sky blue? When the white light (from the sun) hits the gas molecules, the light is scattered in mostly shorter wavelengths (blue and violet), which is what we see.

11 10- “Energy in the Atmosphere”

12 11- Explain what happens to the energy that reaches the Earth’s surface.
Energy is absorbed by Earth’s surfaces (at different rates) The energy is turned into heat It is radiated back into the atmosphere as infrared energy (heat) The energy gets absorbed and held by greenhouse gases (water vapor & carbon dioxide)

13 12- Greenhouse effect The process by which gases hold heat in the air.
Two main greenhouse gases are water vapor and carbon dioxide. How is the greenhouse effect related to global warming? The amount of CO2 is increasing (more gases that hold heat well) causing the temperature of Earth’s atmosphere to also rise.

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