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2 QSA/R6 STUFF Thankyou! Query students – JW, BM

3 Introduction The curriculum is starting to “settle”, with suggested timelines, mandatory subjects and final syllabuses being released in Early December this year for K – 10 The QSA will still have a supporting role for all schools, which is good news

4 PHASES OF THE NATIONAL CURRICULUM Phase 1 subjects are the following: 1. English 2. Maths 3. Science 4. History History will be available at the end of 2011. 11/12 for Phase 1 Released January 2012 Phase 2: Geography, The Arts, Languages P – 10: January 2012 11/12: January 2013 Phase 3: HPE, Civics, Business and Economics, Design and Technology, ICT P-10: January 2013 11/12: January 2014

5 SOME COMMENTS FROM LESLEY ENGLERT The upcoming syllabi have been de-cluttered from the draft versions. Time allocations have been clarified from draft versions. The curriculum will be TOTALLY ONLINE. School reporting should have a FUTURE FOCUS section

6 WHAT ELSE WILL BE AVAILABLE Exemplar student scripts and assessment pieces will be available to assist moderation. Eg. English Analytical essay from year 8 of an “A” standard. Sample work programs distributed by the QSA

7 ACHIEVEMENT STANDARDS Achievement standards are being developed which match the curriculum Clearly, these may not be in exactly the same shape as our current CRITERIA AND STANDARDS BASED system that we have now. Some states still allocate grades based on “bell” curves. At the end of every year level is a STATEMENT OF EXPECTATION for a C

8 What are mandatory subjects for us? There will be many mandatory subjects, but they do not all have to be completed in particular year levels. EACH YEAR TO THE END OF YEAR 10 English Maths Science History HPE OTHER SUBJECTS WITH TIME ALLOCATIONS ACROSS YEAR LEVELS The Arts – need to do 2 strands from Music, Drama, Art, Dance Languages Geography Design and Technology ICT (Computer programming) Business and Economics Civics INDICATIVE HOURS ARE NOW RECOMMENDED, NOT MANDATED


10 CONSEQUENCES FOR IPC – INPUT/QUESTIONS? We will be writing new work programs for Years 8 - 10, with a “nod” to year 7 Next year will be a “familiarisation” year, with information gathering and programs being written All of our work will be online – to match with the expectations of the Australian Curriculum We will need to look at our timetable structure at mandatory elements We must teach the National syllabus for a subject if there is one available – WE HAVE NO CHOICE IN THIS. RE?

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