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OVERVIEW Online newspapers Travel website Forum Youtube Fanpage Tiger.

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3 OVERVIEW Online newspapers Travel website Forum Youtube Fanpage Tiger

4 ONLINE NEWSPAPERS http://vng.minisite.zapto. org/View/Tiger-Remix- 2015-Cong-huong-dinh- cao-cua-am-nhac--vu- dao--anh-sang/5069.html remix-2015-dai-tiec-am-nhac- chi-moi-bat-dau- 20150117075955738.chn http://chinasouthern- 2015.html remix-2015-dai-tiec-am-nhac- chi-moi-bat-dau- 20150117075955738.chn Before event, the news " tiger remix 2015" are publish on the famous magazine.

5 TRAVEL-WEBSITE u-kien/item/200-le-hoi-am- nhac-tiger-remix-2015-nha- trang#.VZYvyvmqqko tiger-remix-concert-2015.html remix-2015-cong-huong-dinh-cao-am- nhac-vu-dao-anh-sang 1. The information of "Tiger remix 2015" posted on the website tourism

6 MINI GAME ON FANPAGE Before the show takes place, the mini games are organized to user participation (mini game mainly involves information programs and information,, the singer participated, time organization)

7 FORUM http://www.di endandulich.n et/showthread.php?130617- L%E1%BB%85- h%E1%BB%99i -%C3%A2m- nh%E1%BA%A 1c-Tiger- Remix/page2 http://u orum/sh owthrea d.php?t =626617 Travel forum Shopping forum Food Forum http://forum.diadiemanu me/f60/le- hoi-am- nhac-tiger- remix- 71683/ http://die ndan.ngoi ads/mien- phi-le-hoi- am-nhac- tiger- remix-cuc- hot-tai- quan-7- ngay-31- 01- 2015.2086 / Design Forum The popular forum also mentioned the event

8 TRAILER ON YOUTUBE 1.The event showed trailer the process of meeting and idea deploy 3D stage is made of container big. 2.Music and lighting is done by ekip professional and famous.

9 OFFLINE 1.Hanging banners - fliers along the route to the event venue. 2.Press conference in the area.

10 PLACE SETUP 1.Design and setup stage. 2.Product Showroom 3.Bar in bus


12 MINI GAME ON FANPAGE After finishing the event in a great location, the fanpage will hold mini-games, user can to answer questions related to the events of that area.

13 CLIP ON YOUTUBE The show clips recorded activities of the event and upload on youtube

14 LIVE BROADCAST ON WEBSITE During the event, at each location will be show live on the website Tiger beer for people to follow up

15 BAR IN BUS Models beer packaging line Table interactive bar Interactive game

16 MUSIC Combining traditional instruments with modern music

17 3D MAPPING ON STAGE 3D Mapping Stage 16 meters high, 30 meters long near, designed from 30 giant container blocks, is used as a "playground" for the performance of light, 3D mapping and choreography full of magical transformation, give Tiger Remix to reach the scale of the largest music events in the world.



20 POST PHOTO ON FANPAGE TIGER After the event finish Tiger will collect photo and upload on fanpage Tiger

21 PHOTO THANKS The memorable moments

22 REVIEW dung/tiger-remix-2015-ket-thuc-an- tuong-20150204184515647.htm Synthesis memorable moments and successes of show

23 TESTIMONIAL The user's appreciation for the show

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