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GBHS Senior Exit Presentation Jesse Lamb 9/15/14 ARC-3.

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1 GBHS Senior Exit Presentation Jesse Lamb 9/15/14 ARC-3

2 Who am I? Calm determined and helping are 3 adjectives that describe me, this is because helping others gives me a purpose to live on this earth. My personality will help me become successful in my future because being helpful fits in the category of public safety

3 Three Interests Over the past 4 years football, public safety, and volunteering at the food bank have interested me I plan on using my interests on collage and job resumes and living a healthy fit lifestyle

4 Three Strengths Dedication, tenacity, and leadership are my three strengths. I discovered these strengths through football, community service, and leadership programs I participated in after school. My strengths will help me succeed in my future by becoming a successful member of society

5 Where I want to be next year? My short term goal is to attend Mott Community collage and study law and criminal justice My short term goal will help me get an associates degree to help me gain knowledge needed for public safety

6 5 years from now After completing my 2 years at Mott I plan on enlisting in the Army. This will help me advance in more collage studies for free My mid range goal relates to my hardworking personality, also I have always had very high interests on joining the Army.

7 10 years from now My long term goal is to become a public safety officer. They are law enforcement, fire rescue, and a paramedic all in one job. My long term goal related to my personality and interest in helping people

8 How will I reach my short term goal I will reach my short term goal by trying hard in high school and taking advantage of my skill center class to get collage credits. My hard working ethic and classes will help me reach my short term goal

9 How will I reach my mid term goal? Reaching my mid term goal will take a lot of physical training and studying hard. Assistance from a recruiter will be necessary to help me choose the right path or MOS ( military operational specialty) My interest in the military and working out with a recruiter will help me achieve my mid term goal.

10 How will I reach my long term goal? I will reach my long term goal by applying for public safety officer jobs around he state of Michigan. Also before that doing an internship will help my chances of reaching my long term goal. My interest in public safety, collage degree in law and criminal justice, and military experience will help me guide myself to the right path to have success in what I want a career in.

11 Works cited Jesse, Lamb. GBHS Senior Exit Presentation. Grand Blanc: Jesse Lamb, 2014. Web..

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