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Body Paragraphs.

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1 Body Paragraphs

2 Body Paragraph - TREAT Topic sentence (first) Reason Example Analysis
Transition (last)

3 Topic Sentence This sentence relates back to your thesis.
This sentence explains what this body paragraph is explaining (what it is about).

4 Reason – first point The first point should prove your topic sentence.
It should be a: Reason Example Fact

5 Example Add 1-2 details to support your point.
These should be specific examples or connections from the text. These help prove your point.

6 Analysis Explain how the example you used in the sentence(s) above are relevant or apply to the topic. Answer the question: Why is this example helpful to understanding your paper?

7 Transition Sentence This sentence provides closure to your body paragraph. This sentence links your body paragraphs. Connect the information from one paragraph to the next. Think of it like a bridge.

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