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rice noodle a bowl of noodles porridge a bowl of porridge.

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3 rice

4 noodle a bowl of noodles

5 porridge a bowl of porridge

6 dumplings

7 pork and beef eggs an egg

8 seafood

9 bread

10 hamburger hot dogs fried chicken s

11 potato chips sandwiches

12 cakes

13 candies a bar of chocolate

14 ice creams

15 milk two bags of milk

16 two glasses of water a cup of tea a cup of coffee

17 some other drinks a can of coke beer fruit juice a can of sprite

18 fruit

19 apples watermelons grapesstrawberry ~ries pears oranges

20 vegetables

21 tomato tomatoes potato potatoes

22 broccoli carrots

23 根据句意和所给图片完成句子: 1.Does she like ______________? 2.Emily’s brother doesn’t like ____________. 3.I like eating _______, but I don’t like _________. 4.Do you like __________? 5.Barry likes __________. French fries strawberries tomatoes carrots ice cream broccoli

24 Make a survey ( 做调查) and fill in the form with the answers. (ask your parents and your friends ) What’s your favourite …? Name Food Drink Fruit Vegetables Task 1

25 FoodLikes itDoesn ’ t like it tomatoesLu YaoGeng Xue Food Survey( Do you like…?) Ask your classmates about the food in the chart. Find out what they like and don’t like.

26 Li Shan likes______________.She doesn’t like____________. His father likes ____________.He doesn’t like_____________. His mother likes ___________.She doesn’t like_____________. Listening practice

27 Task 2 Discussion: Why is he overweight? Maybe he likes eating hamburgers a lot. Mr. Zhu

28 油条 Fried bread stick 馒头 Steamed buns 豆浆 Soybean milk 蛋炒饭 Fried rice with egg 火锅 Hot pot 粥 Porridge 汤 Soup 春卷 Spring rolls 蛋卷 Chicken rolls 牛肉 Beef 羊肉 Lamb 猪肉 Pork Task 3 Please eat Chinese food

29 There are all kinds of food and drink.Let’s divide them into some groups: 1. food (1)countable nouns( 可数名词) : noodles, dumplings, cakes, eggs, hamburgers, potato chips, sandwiches, ice creams,hot dogs,… (2)uncountable nouns( 不可数名词): rice,bread,meat , porridge (稀饭) seafood,beef,pork,chicken,fish,… Task 4

30 2. drink (uncountable nouns)( 不可数名词): water, tea, milk, coffee,fruit juice, coke, sprite (雪碧), beer 3. fruit (countable nouns) ( 可数名词): apples, pears, peaches, bananas, grapes, melons, strawberries (草莓) 4.vegetables(countable nouns): onions,potatoes,tomatoes,carrots

31 1. 一般情况,词尾加 s, 如 :apples 2. 以 s x sh ch 结尾,词尾加 es, 如 :classes 3. 以辅音字母 y 结尾,①去 y 加 ies, 如: city- cities ②辅音字母 y 以辅元辅的形式出现时,直接加 s ,如: boy- boys 4. 以 f 或 fe 结尾,去 f 或 fe 加 ves, 如 :leaf-leaves 5. 以 o 结尾,①加 es ,如 :potato-potatoes. ②加 s ,如: photo-photos, zoo-zoos 6. 单复同形,如: sheep, fish 7. 特殊的变化,如 :foot-feet, man-men, woman-women, child-children 好了,现在让我们 来回顾一下名词变复 数的方法:

32 - - Thank you!


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