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Gross anatomy of lungs/pleura and mediastinum-1

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1 Gross anatomy of lungs/pleura and mediastinum-1
By Prof. Dr. Ansari Chairperson & Prof. Anatomy RAKCODS.

2 The pleura is a serous membrane
That covers the lungs. There are two layers of pleurae. Parietal layer lines the thoracic wall, it is pain sensitive. Visceral layer is pain insensitive, it lines the surfaces of lungs, at hilum it forms pulmonary ligament around the hilum of lungs. The space between the two layers is filled with pleural fluid.

3 Costal/pulmonary pleurae

4 The mediastinum It is a median septum/space between the two lungs.
The mediastinum is divided by an imaginary plane passing through the sternal angle, into superior mediastinum and inferior mediastinum. The inferior is further divided into anterior, middle and posterior mediastinum. The heart and pericardium lies in the middle mediastinum.

5 The lungs are respiratory organs
Situated in the thoracic cavity, the trachea divides at the level of sternal angle into primary bronchi that enters the hilum. Right lung is having 3 lobes, horizontal and oblique fissures. Left lung is having two lobes, with oblique fissure, lingula is a part of superior lobe anteriorly, a tongue like extension.

6 Right lung

7 Left lung

8 Each lung has An apex A base
Medial surface/mediastinal surface having hilum Sternocostal surface And diaphragmatic surface

9 Structures in the hilum of lung
Primary bronchus Pulmonary artery Pulmonary veins Lymph nodes Bronchial vessels Pulmonary plexus

10 Left lung hilum 1. Apex of lung 2. pulmonary vein
3. cardiac impression 4. pulmonary ligament 5.lingula segment of superior lobe of left lung 6. diaphragmatic surface 7.aortic impression 8.pulmonary arteries 9. primary bronchus 10.oblique fissure


12 References Essential Clinical Anatomy- Keith Moore pages 68-80

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