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What do Political Parties Do?

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1 What do Political Parties Do?

2 Political Party Group of people who seek to control government through winning elections and holding public office Major parties: In America, the Republican and Democratic parties

3 Major Functions (there are 5)
Nominate Candidates Inform and Activate Supporters Bonding Agent Governing Act as a watch dog

4 Nominating Candidates
Major function of a political party Select candidates to present to voters Help those candidates win elections

5 Informing and Activating Supporters
Inform people and activate their interest and participation in public affairs How do they do this? Campaigning Take stands on issues Criticize opponents Pamphlets, signs, buttons, advertisements, speeches, rallies, conventions

6 Bonding Agent Act as a bonding agent to ensure the good performance of candidates and office holders Choose candidates that are qualified and of good character If the party chooses a poor candidate, it could suffer in the future.

7 Governing U.S. Government is government by party
Office holders are regularly chosen on the basis of party Congress and State Legislatures do business on the basis of Partisanship: (action based on allegiance to a political party) Most appointments by the executive branch are done on the basis of party

8 Act as a watch dog Watch over the conduct of the public’s business (especially the party out of power) Party out of Power: the party that doesn’t have control of the presidency Party in Power: has control of the presidency Party out of power plays role of “the loyal opposition” (they are opposed to the party in power, but loyal to the people and the nation)

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