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Basics for Responses to Literature

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1 Basics for Responses to Literature

2 Terms to Know Concrete Detail (CD) – stuff from the story –the what – can be quotation or paraphrase – facts; examples; illustrations; evidence; support; plot references; citations; What really happened in the story? ; play-by-play announcer

3 Terms to Know Commentary – (CM) – stuff from your head
- the “so what?” - words with feelings behind them that you can describe to me analysis; interpretation; a character’s feelings; opinion; inference; insight; reasons; color commentator

4 Terms to Know Ratio – the amount of CD:CM in a body paragraph
In English the ratio is 1:2+

5 One-Chunk Body Paragraph
Sentence #1 -Topic Sentence – TS Sentence #2 – CD –starts with “For example” Sentence #3 – CM - (This shows that) Sentence #4 – CM – (This also show that; This is because; This is important because) Sentence#5 – Circle Sentence – CS – Sums it up and ties back to the thesis (As a result)

6 Sample One Chunk Paragraph
In Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone, Harry is a champion to many of the more insecure students at Hogwarts. For example, when Malfoy takes Neville’s Rememberall, Harry takes a broom and gets it back. He cannot stand someone who picks on others. Harry is now a hero to those less fortunate. He has found a place where he belongs and wants to protect the vulnerable.Two Chunk Paragraph

7 Two Chunk Paragraph Used when the concrete detail are closely related to avoid repetition. Has the basic of Topic Sentence at the beginning and a Circle Sentence at the end. Includes two CD, CM, CM, structures with a transition between.

8 Introduction Opening sentence – STRONG! Draws the readers attention
At least three or four sentences Thesis is usually stated at the end.

9 Sample Introduction Bravery cannot exist where defense of the weak is easy. Often, in order to help others, a hero must be willing to act in ways that are scary. In Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone, Harry risks much so that he can be a champion for the underdog.

10 Introduction Hook – Get reader’s attention Anecdote
Startling Information All commentary Thesis Statement Must include the title of the book Must include the subject you are discussing Must show your opinion about an arguable topic

11 Sample Thesis Statement
The collectivist society of Anthem, by Ayn Rand, exhibited a grave loss of individuality and innovation among the inhabitants.

12 Concluding Paragraph At least three sentences
All are CM sentences which give your idea as an ending for the essay.

13 Conclusion Reflects on what you said in the essay
All commentary; no concrete details Does NOT repeat thesis statement or introductory paragraph Should relate your knowledge of the subject matter to the world at large – outside the book

14 Sample Concluding Paragraph
When faced with adversity, any of us can be a hero. When faced with someone who intimidates us, it would be to our benefit to look for creative solutions rather than running away. Each of us can stretch beyond our “little boy” programming to become a real man.

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